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About Volkmann

Volkmann GmbH is based in Soest in Westphalia and was founded in 1973 by Jürgen and Ingrid Volkmann as a consulting company for production automation. The company started in the early years with applications within vacuum technology. Own ideas and developments such as the patented „Säuferbalken“® (combined vacuum stripping process for drying belt surfaces and for liquid recovery in mills) and the patented Multijector® (special construction form of a multi-stage ejector vacuum pump operated by compressed air) made the company a partner driven by ideas and application technologies for customers from widespread branches of industry.

Thilo Volkmann now heads the company since 1991 and is the second generation. Today, Volkmann is a specialist in the transport and handling of bulk materials. In particular, Volkmann offers customers from the Chemical, Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Industry class leading standards as well as individually planned and produced systems for the safe, hygienic and user-friendly handling of powders and bulk materials. Thanks to a professional and creative team, Volkmann consistently produces new and better solutions for itself and its customers which can be manufactured with the company’s modern machinery and lean manufacturing principles Today,  Volkmann employs nearly 100 employees and operates subsidiaries in Great Britain, France and the USA. Volkmann is internationally present in many countries with local agencies.


Vacuum Conveyors

Make all powder handling in production processes safe and reliable, make the work of your production staff easier and improve the conditions at the workplace. Choose Vacuum Conveying systems from Volkmann.

  • user friendly systems with safe material transfer
  • easy material aspiration and dust-free loading of machines
  • gentle dense phase conveying, no segregation of material mixtures
  • optimum hygiene conditions
  • reliable filter systems in GMP quality
  • simple to install and to operate
  • low energy consumption
  • favorable investment- and operating costs

The different modular families of Vacuum Conveyors for the Chemical-, Pharma- and Food-Industry allow customized modifications of all conveyors regarding the individual application. Even critical materials can be conveyed safely and adapted conveyors can be used for hazardous applications like inside explosion areas or with highly toxic materials.

The modular design allows quick delivery times for complete conveyors (1-2 weeks for Food-/Chemical-Conveyors, 3-4 weeks for Pharma Conveyors, 4-8 weeks for highly customized systems).

Typical conveying capacities: 100 kg/h up to 3.5 t/h (max. 12 t/h)

Typical conveying distance: 15 m far and 10 m high (max realized 100 m far + 40 m height)


Product Loading Stations

Discharge products such as powder, dust and granulated material directly from barrels, drums, bags, special bins and containers, even with plastic liners. Combine these units with process control systems and integrate remote controls or monitoring systems. All levels, alarms and error messages as well as other required information can be transmitted by an interface for evaluation and monitoring.

Ask us for our solutions on how to pick up and convey the materials within your production process, e.g. for emptying bags and special bins, Big-Bags, Silos etc. Utilize Volkmann’s experience in powder handling.

Your benefits:

  • Dust-free material handling
  • Product aspiration and loading with full control
  • Avoid the difficult manual handling of all sorts of bulk materials packed in drums/containers
  • Reduce health risks in the workplace
  • Protect the environment from hazardous materials
  • Increase the quality of your final products and the working environment


Stationary & Mobile Hoists

The handling and positioning of a vacuum conveyor above a container, bin or production machine can be made easier by use of a stationary or mobile hoist. Volkmann hoists are lightweight and easy manoeuvrable.

Solutions and benefits:

  • One Vacuum Conveyor to feed into different systems
  • Quick, comfortable and hygienic operation and handling
  • pneumatic, electric or manual operation
  • hygienic versions (pharma design)
  • customized connections and docking solutions available
  • designed and manufactured from Volkmann in Germany


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