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Schrage Conveying Systems is your specialist for tube chain conveyors – worldwide.

For more than two decades, they have been planning and implementing conveyor systems for various bulk solidsand many industries – individually suited to your needs. Their tube chain conveyor also reliably transports your bulk material from A to B.

There is only one thing on everyone’s mind: how to go up in the world. We are slightly different in that we can also go sideways and diagonally. It is all very simple: you need to convey bulk materials from A to B and Schrage has the corresponding tube chain conveyor technology for that purpose.

As a complete conveyor system, it is modular with a flexible layout for a large variety of industries and bulk materials, along with interesting additional components to meet different desires. Thisis all planned by highly specialized staff members who all have a passion for the new challenges that the handling of bulk materials poses. And the in-house test conveyor is looking forward to receiving your samples.

Schrage’s philosophy is equally straightforward.  If you tell them what bulk material you would like to convey, they will provide the appropriate solution. For more than 20 years, Schrage, a family business, has been using its expertise, experience, and curiosity to deliver solutions to where they are needed – directly to you.


Tube Chain Conveyor: One System – Endless Combinations

The idea is simple. Schrage plans your conveyor according to a modular principle. Moreover, your system can be tailored made, material properties, and speed to correspond perfectly with your bulk material.

That is why they can offer you the ideal bulk handling system – their chain conveyor in five different sizes, along with many fascinating and self-developed additional components: Brush or knocking units for cleaning the chains and for discharging, special slider and flap systems for an optimum residual discharge in the discharge unit. Or how about a tube chain conveyor as a heat exchanger?


Horizontal, Vertical or Upright:Tube Chain Conveyors are real Quick-change Artists

You can take Schrage’s motto “We Convey Solutions” quite literally. Because the Schrage tube chain conveyers are so flexible that they can be employed in a nearly infinite number of variations.

Due to their compact dimensions, low maintenance, ease of use, and astonishingly low energy consumption, the Schrage chain conveyers have rightfully become extremely popular. And we would be pleased to help you choose your ideal variation.


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