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About Rapid

When Rapid first got in to the granulator business, the original employees exhibited a spirit and a resolve to better understand customer needs and to make a better granulator. A granulator that produced better quality regrind that utilized less energy and provided more efficient cutting than anything else in the market. Today Rapid still resolves to do all those things. And, they resolve to do them better and better each and every year with the help of the best employees and distribution force in the business.


Granulator Solutions for EveryType of Production

The extensive range of granulators produces high-quality regrind from a wide assortment of plastic waste resulting from various processes. Rapid solves the problems associated with plastic recycling by matching the right technology with specific applications.

Rapid granulator families – small, medium, large and heavy-duty – cover regrind throughputs from a few kilos per hour up to several tones per hour. By examining plastic products and the amounts involved, Rapid can help you select the granulator and handling accessories best suited to your particular needs.


Open-Hearted Concept

With the invention of the Open-Hearted granulator design, Rapid set a new standard in granulator technology. The possibility to open up the cutter house completely provides unmatched access to core machine parts.

The benefits are obvious:

  • Full control when cleaning providing “visibly clean” inspection.
  • Fast and easy access for service and maintenance making for example knife changes much faster.

All Rapid granulators provide:

  • Constant Cutting Circle, CCC
  • Scissors cut, providing clean, high quality regrind
  • Low energy consumption.


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