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About PurgeX

PurgeX® is a mechanical purging agent that enables the safe, effective and efficient cleaning of plastics processing equipment.

  • Metal surfaces are cleaned using a unique scrubbing effect. The material is not abrasive to screw, barrel, die etc.
  • Particularly useful when changing colour, polymer, or when screw and barrel are carbonized. Enables rapid purging of the previous colour and/or polymer, so that machine downtime and loss of expensive polymer is minimized.
  • Suitable for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding processes.
  • Cost effective, as only a small amount is required, usually at 20% add rate to the polymer.


How PurgeX® works

PurgeX® is a granular material that is blended in with a small amount of the polymer that you are using and fed into a starved screw/barrel.

The blended material is processed through your equipment at similar temperatures and revs to typical run conditions for the carrier polymer.

The PurgeX® material softens slightly, but does not melt, and thoroughly loosens carbonized and degraded resin, allowing the polymer to flush out the system.

This makes it particularly useful for:

  • Cleaning colour from your equipment
  • Cleaning polymer from your equipment
  • Removing carbon build-up and black specks
  • Regular preventative maintenance
  • Before manual cleaning


PurgeX® grades

  • PurgeX® T for injection moulding (except where openings are less than 1.5mm)
  • PurgeX® S for extrusion, blow moulding, and injection moulding with openings less than 1.5mm
  • PurgeX® R for hot runner systems with a minimum clearance of 0.75mm


PurgeX® A (acrylic) grade

PurgeX® A is cell cast acrylic in granular form. As distinct from the T, S and R grades, PurgeX®A grade is typically used in unblended form (i.e. at 100%) in extrusion and compounding processes.

PurgeX® A provides a gentle scrubbing effect to the screw and barrel and removes build up of carbonised material.

PurgeX® A softens but does not melt, therefore it provides a scrubbing effect – it does not scratch or wear the screw or barrel.

Suggested purging procedure:

  1. Adjust temperature if necessary. Suggested temperature range for purging is 240-260°C.
  2. Starve screw and barrel of current material.
  3. Add PurgeX® A in slow, continuous manner into hopper.
  4. Flush out PurgeX® A with next material to be processed.

Nozzles, dies and screen packs should be removed during purging to avoid blockages unless opening is large enough to allow acrylic particles to pass through in softened form (approx 2.0-2.5mm).


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