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Pulsotronic-Anlagentechnik GmbH has its registered offices in the Chemnitz-Zwickau business area of Niederdorf/Stollberg. Because of the permanent, positive development of the business, a new complex of buildings was erected in 2007 directly on the A72. The structural facts, latest production equipment and a motivated work force permit a top-flight degree of innovation and flexibility.

Pulsotronic develops, produces and sells metal detectors, separators and custom equipment based on many years of experience in the plastics and recycling industry. Further innovative products were successfully introduced in the food industry and in other branches of industry.

The products distinguish themselves through their high reliability, sensitivity and user-friendliness. A team of engineers permanently works on improvements and customer-specific solutions. The development and production of all the products and custom systems occurs completely at the site in Niederdorf. Thus, it is possible for them to try out new processes and principles and to put them into practice as quickly as possible. In addition, they utilize the synergies of the Group of Companies. Pulsotronic is able to access all the areas quickly, thereby ensuring flexibility, regardless of whether this involves high efficient toolmaker’s shop, plastic transfer moulding, electronic fabrication or EMC laboratory.

Quality assurance and environmental protection are central components of Management. Pulsotronic-Anlagentechnik has been ISO 9001-2008 certified. The initial certification of the Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2005 took place in 2007. Pulsotronic-Anlagentechnik supports all aspects of the “ZVEI-Code of Conduct for social responsibility”.

Extensive technical knowledge and outstanding on-site service belong to the basic prerequisites for a successful machinery and systems business. They are pleased to tackle your tasks, while remaining loyal to the motto: “Pulsotronic – complex solutions from one source”


Metal detectors for conveyor belts, chutes and roll goods

Series BD            

  • high level of detection since the magnetic field surrounds the products
  • stainless steel housing with long-time stable and water-tight encapsulation
  • available in various detector sizes, adapted for the product
  • fulfills all the requirements in effect currently for AUDITS according to HACCP / IIFS
  • hygienic design

Series TU

  • dividable stainless steel housing
  • stainless steel housing with long-time stable and water-tight encapsulation
  • available in various detector sizes, adapted for the product
  • easy integration, since housing is dividable

Series SP / AR   

  • easily integrated in conveyor belts, since it can be installed flush
  • long-term stable, fully encapsulated in extremely stable metal housing
  • belt stop or reverse motion operation available using reversing contactor circuitry
  • external control electronics with RESET/START-STOP button
  • standard detection widths to 1,200 mm
  • no metal-free zones


Metal detectors for bulk materials

Series VA

  • extremely sturdy and compact stainless steel housing
  • device-specific material throughput of up to 14,000 l/h
  • stainless steel ejection unit
  • optionally with wear-resistant product pipe
  • optionally high-temperature application

Series Y

  • extremely effective, quick-reacting pneumatic outward transfer system
  • separates metal from slow back-pressure material columns
  • device-specific material throughput of up to 5,400 l/h
  • extremely flat mounting height
  • optionally high-temperature application


Metal detectors for pipe systems

Series extraktor              

  • unique ejection system for integration in suction conveyor – the pipe system remains closed during the ejection of metal impurity!
  • easily integrated into the suction conveyor line with hose connection
  • adjustment-free separating, irrespective of material speed
  • device-specific material throughput of up to 3,300 l/h
  • optionally in wear-resistant model
  • two large inspection doors


Control units


  • four-quadrant technology
  • multi-frequency technology
  • touch screen / graphical display
  • high-precision product effect offsetting
  • unlimited product memory spaces
  • netzworking / ethernet / USB
  • comprehensive support for peripherals
  • remote diagnostics
  • display transmitted by RS485


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