Screens & Meshes

To ensure safe and efficient screening processes, material, aperture shape, weave, and screening machine must be optimally adapted to the products to be screened. Our range of screens and meshes comprises solutions for all types of screening machines and applications: classical screen sections made of high-tensile or non-corrosive stainless steels, as well as special self-cleaning screens and hybrid screen sections with wire cloth cast in polyurethane. No matter which screen type you select, high-quality materials and processing warrant not only optimum functionality but also maximum stability and lifetime.

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Wide Range of Models

enge-plas-screen-mesh-1 enge-plas-screen-mesh-2

  • Classic square or rectangular apertures, all sizes.
  • Flat top screens or crimp (single or double) screens.
  • Side tensioning or end tensioning, standard or double fold hook.
  • Different steel screens for different applications.
  • Options include silicon- or rubber lip seal, 180° edge folded.
  • PUR-strips for extra wear protection.

Self-cleaning Screens

Enge Plas-Self-cleaning Screen

The FLEX-MAT 3 is a new generation of self-cleaning screen media which ensures another significant improvement of the self-cleaning effect. Contrary to the existing products, the horizontally crimped warp wires are not fixed by cross wires but exclusively by recyclable polyurethane strips. The distinctive lime green strips permit each wire to vibrate individually over its entire length, for even more efficient prevention of clogging, blinding and pegging. In addition to the high flexibility of the wires, the smooth screen surface helps to significantly increase the wear life compared to that of traditional wire screen sections.

  • For ultra-fine products with cut size up to 0.5 mm and coarser materials with cut sizes up to 100 mm.
  • Because of the excellent wear properties, thinner wires can be used. With this extension of open area and additional capacity, productivity can be increased in many cases by up to 40 %.
  • Four different styles offering best specification for almost any application.
  • Available in Optimum Wire® spring steel or stainless steel, usable across end- and side-tensioned screening machines and on all common modular screen decks.

Ultrasonic Screens

The Ultrasonic screen’s generator converts electrical energy into high-frequency energy which is then converted to mechanical energy by the converter.

The sound waves cause the screen frame or sound conductor to oscillate at high-frequencies. These oscillations are transferred to the screening cloth where they are evenly distributed. The oscillations of the screening cloth reduce the frictional resistance between the grains and the screen. This reduces the tendency towards blockage, resulting in increased throughput.

  • Delivers efficient sifting of powders with split cuts of ≤ 500 µm.
  • Improves throughput.
  • Helps the breaking down of agglomerates.
  • Reduces amount of excessive grain.
  • Ensures long-term cleaning effect.