Screeners, Sifters & Classifiers

Enge Plas offers a wide range of screening, sifting and classifying technologies to meet the needs of different industries, from vibration and long-stroke screening machines to centrifugal and vertical sifters, each type available in various models and sizes, with single- or mult-deck execution for all applications.

Tailored to special requirements, our machines offer good customer benefit and are very well accepted due to their efficiency, reliability and ease of operation, low noise emission and high separation quality.

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Vibration Screening Machine


  • High screening output by reducing delay time considerably
  • Vibration motors run silently
  • Short downtime thanks to a simple, quick change of screens
  • Compact & modular construction allows the machines to be adaptable and space-efficient
  • Designs available in ATEX or also in GMP upon request

Long-Stroke Screening Machine

Enge Plas-Long-stroke Screening Machine 1 Enge Plas-Long-stroke Screening Machine 2

  • High levels of selectivity of up to 98%
  • Product-protecting screening process
  • Low noise emission
  • Low energy consumption (e.g. 0.75kW at a screening surface of 1.5m²)
  • Easy sieve replacement and quick cleaning
  • Long service life with low input and maintenance effort