Enge Plas supplies zone samplers used for taking samples of bulk goods of any kind.

The big advantage of zone samplers is that all-layer samples can be collected from all layers of the container. Various bulk goods can be collected with the lances, from the finest powder to large grains such as corn or nuts.

The zone samplers are available in different lengths. 55 cm (only Multi, Uno and All-layer sampler) especially suitable for sacks, 85 cm long (especially for barrels, tubs, mixed containers) and 150 cm as well as 250 cm (only Jumbo sampler) for big bags, silos, tanks.

Safe and reliable sampling is made even easier with useful special accessories such as sealing sleeves, Quali-Paper, cleaning brushes, emptying devices and close-it control seals. The zone samplers are available in different models for different sampling tasks.

  • Smallest possible gap between the inner and the outer tube
  • Easy cleaning, removable tip
  • Colour coding (Multi and Uno sampler)
  • Ultra-pure materials
  • Excellent processing, robust model

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Diverse Range

Enge Plas-Silo Sampler SiloPicker

  • All Layer Sampler
    • for cross-section samples through all layers of the sample
  • Multi Sampler
    • several point samples for a separate analysis
  • Uno Sampler
    • collects a targeted sample at a predetermined site
  • Jumbo Sampler
    • for sampling coarse grains or larger quantities
  • Zone Sampler Spiralus
    • taking precise zone samples through all layers
  • Easy Sampler
    • fast and easy emptying of the sample via the tip
  • All Layer Drill
    • special zone collector specifically designed for heavily compacted substances
  • Silo Drill
    • if bulk goods are transported over long distances (in trucks, railway goods wagons), separation may occur
  • Silo Sampler SiloPicker
    • ideal for taking bulk goods samples from silos
  • All Layer Scratcher
    • special sampler for powders and granules that do not flow freely
  • Scratcher
    • designed for sampling cohesive, caked and not free-flowing substances
  • Valve Lance
    • Sampler for all-layer samples of viscous, paste-like, semi-liquid substances
  • Novartos Multi & Uno
    • for sampling according to FDA guidelines for Unit-Dose-Sampling
  • Micro Sampler
    • designed for the sampling of small quantities of powder
  • Pharma Picker
    • for sampling very small quantities of highly potent, expensive or active powders for analysis
  • StickProof
    • for powder in the pharma area, made of stainless steel V4A, material 1.4404
  • PharmaScoop
    • developed in order to meet the high requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, such as those contained in the FDA regulations
  • PharmaSpoon
    • for taking samples of powdery substances, intermediate products and material in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Mini ViscoSampler
    • for viscous substances such as pastes, mud, creams, oils
  • Sampling lance Milky
    • universal powder and granules sampler made of stainless steel V4A
  • Sampler Tubus
    • for pourable bulk goods up to approx. 1 cm in diameter
  • QuickPicker
    • suitable in the event that bulk goods are taken directly from sacks or bags and have to be filled into the original sampling bottle directly
  • Stainless Steel Spatula
    • highly stable and solid design of the spatula allow it to pierce solid substances or sacks and Big Bag
  • Pigment Lance
    • sample pigments, pastes and agglomerating bulk goods
  • QualiRod Conical
    • ideal for cutting out samples for quality control from soft, paste-like substances (cheese, butter, clay, soap, wax, etc.)
  • PowderProof
    • for mobile sampling of powders and granules