Level & Flow Sensors

Enge Plas provides a wide range of superior solutions in level monitoring, solids flow detection and particle emission monitoring.

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Wide Range of Options

Point Level Monitoring:

  • Rotary Paddle Level Indicator
  • Fail-Safe Rotary Paddle Level Indicator
  • RF Capacitance Sensors
  • Proximity Bin Level Switch
  • Vibratory Level Probes
  • Diaphragm Level Switches
  • Tilt Level Switches

  • Continuous Level Monitoring:
    • Cable-Based (Plumb Bob) Smart Bin Level Sensor
    • Guided Wave Radar Level Sensors/Transmitters
    • nso
  • Solids/Mass Flow:
    • Solids Flow Monitor
    • In-line Solids/Mass Flow Measurement System
  • Moisture Measurement System
  • Dust Monitor / Broken Bag Detector