IBC Systems

When introduced in any manufacturing process, an IBC system represents just-in-time manufacturing, providing a systematic approach to the identification and elimination of wastage.  Each IBC has a fixed volume of material it can hold, giving accurate batch accountability.

IBC systems can be cleaned off place, thus significantly reducing downtime cleaning. An IBC system is very flexible and mobile, and as your business grows, your existing IBC system can be easily expanded ensuring maximum reusability your existing assets.

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Range of Available Sub-Systems

  • Filling
  • Discharge
  • In-Bin Blending
  • Washing/Drying
  • Raw Material Intake
  • Control Package
  • Formulation

Key Features

  • Integrated System – Promotes and controls product flow, as compared to systems that use discharge valves such as butterfly and slide-gate valves.
  • Systematic Discharge – Unique and patented Cone Valve designed for allowing systematic discharge to avoid segregation.
  • Provides Containment – ceiling mechanism provides very good dust containment.
  • Easy Connection – Zero manual intervention required when placed on discharge station.