High-Speed Mixers

Enge Plas offers an extensive range of high-speed mixers, including hot mixers, cold mixers to combination type heating/cooling mixers. Our turbo mixers are capable of processing a vast range of ingredients. We can design and build customised mixers of various sizes and combinations which meet the specific process requirements of our clients, including ATEX compliant mixers.

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Wide Range of Models

  • Horizontal Mixers
    • Range of standard and custom-built horizontal mixers designed for consistent batch and continuous blending of powder and granules with wide range of capacities.
  • Vertical Mixers
    • The vertical mixer is fast, accurate and versatile and is particularly suitable to the mixing of free flowing, heat sensitive or fragile products.
  • Heating/Cooling Mixer Combinations
  • Container Mixers
  • Lab Mixers


  • 2 different series
    • Feature-flexible series, that can be customised and tailored.
    • Economical series, that comes standard.

Special Features

  • Pressure / vacuum rated vessels.
  • Advanced aspiration/moisture-venting systems.
  • Jacketed vessels for heating or cooling.
  • Cantilever Mixers for ease of cleaning.
  • Continuous mixing applications.
  • Turn-key mixing stations.
  • Range available – 3 litres up to 100,000 litres.