Dust Collectors

The purity of bulk materials is a critical factor in the quality of the end product. Regardless of whether the focus is on minimizing product degeneration, cleaning products perfectly or determining the residual dust to comply with standards – Enge Plas´ solutions offer the optimal mix of many years of process competence and globally leading bulk materials expertise. Even at the design stage of the conveying plant, we ensure that dust generation will be minimized. For that reason, they select suitable pipe materials and flange connections and ensure conveying velocities to be in an acceptable range.

The use of hydraulic conveying systems is providing best results to meet the highest quality requirements. We have a range of equipment which includes sieves and separators for efficient cleaning of the product from dust and streamers.

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Diverting Counter-Flow Elutriator

  • Proven its efficiency over the years and has been continuously optimized.
  • Latest generation now provides two cleaning stages. With this the separating efficiency is further improved.
  • Highly-efficient diverting counter-flow elutriator is suitable for most pellets, has been optimized in terms of output and gas consumption and can be fed directly either pneumatically or gravimetrically from a hopper.
  • Throughput capacities of 120 t / h and more can be achieved.

Gravity Rotation Separator

  • Offers capacities of up to 100 t / h and is well suitable for separation of dust and streamers of very soft and brittle granular products.
  • Depending on type, this dedusting takes place in 1 or 3 cleaning stages.
  • Can be installed on the base, on the silo top or – depending on the available space – even between the silo and the tank car. It can also be supplied as a compact, transportable unit.

Drum Sieve

  • Also fed gravimetrically.
  • Used both to separate streamers and streamer conglomerates.
  • Used as a standalone or as part of a cleaning system, the drum sieve is a compact, service friendly unit with fully automatic cleaning of the sieves.

Laboratory Analyzing Device to Determine Dust Content

  • Used to determine the dust content in plastic pellets in accordance with the FEM 2482 standard.
  • Easy to operate, and in its compact desktop configuration it saves valuable working time because it requires minimal time to set up.