Diverter Valves

Ideal for handling dry bulk material in gravity flow, dilute phase or dense phase pneumatic conveying applications. Enge Plas’ range of diverters are designed and engineered with two main principals in mind:

  • extend the service life of the valve and
  • perform maintenance without taking the valve out of line

Our valves serve many industries including chemical, cement, coal, food, frac sand, grain, minerals, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, polymer, rubber and mining.

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Typical Key Features

  • Serviceable while in-line
  • Wear compensating hard polymer seals
  • Unobstructed opening
  • Shift “on-the-fly”
  • Diverts or converges material flow
  • Positive seal of dust and fine powders
  • Removable access doors for internal inspection, cleaning and maintenance

Diverse Range

  • Wye Line Diverter
    • To handle dry bulk solids in vacuum or dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems with pressures up to 1 bar
    • A full flow orifice provides unrestricted conveying of material
    • Positive seal through closed port
  • Seal Tite Diverter
    • For use in gravity flow applications where material can be diverted from one source to either two or three destinations
    • Leading edge of blade protected from material flow
    • Internal access without tools
  • Flex Tube Diverter
    • Eliminates material cross contamination through a positive seal across the closed port.
    • No pinch points or exposed moving parts for safe operation
  • Aggregate Diverter
    • For demanding handling of material such as sand, gravel, whole grains, and coal
    • Optional replaceable abrasion resistant liners
    • Heavy-duty bucket that addressees material impact and wear
    • Bucket seals reduce interior dusting
  • TLD Diverter
    • For use in gravity flow applications handling abrasive materials such as coal and frac sand
    • Leading edge of blade protected from material flow
  • Gravity Vee Diverter
    • To divert dry bulk solids in a gravity flow conveying system.
    • Allows for material flow through both outlets simultaneously, one outlet at a time, or a complete shut-off of flow
    • Seals protected from material flow stream
  • Multi-Port Diverter
    • Multi-port design eliminates need for complicated hose manifold stations.
    • Helps address potential errors when manually switching hoses and greatly reduces safety hazards
    • Mechanically self-cleans on opening stroke
  • Pivoting Chute Diverter
    • To handle abrasive materials in gravity flow applications.
    • Body houses an internal chute constructed of abrasive-resistant metal or lined with optional material that offers superior wear resistance
    • Dust tight to atmosphere

Typical Range of Options

  • Horizontal or vertical valve orientation
  • Available in 2, 3, or 4-way configurations
  • Material construction options available
  • Standard or custom sizes
  • Optional interior dead-pockets allow material to impact on itself reducing wear