Big Bag Filling Units

Our bag filling machine are used in various industry and application sectors. Integrated in existing production processes, they ensure safe and profitable filling of jumbo bags.

Bag filling machine are suitable for filling commercial sizes of jumbo bags while at the same time carrying out calibrated weighing of powdery and granular products. Products are metered into the jumbo bag for example via metering screws, rotary valves or metering chutes. As an option, our bag filling machine also possible to realize metering volumetrically via level indication without weighing system.

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  • Filling of big bags
  • Available with integrated weighing system
  • Available made of various construction materials
  • Wide range of additional equipment and special executions
  • As an option conformity to ATEX acc. to regulation 94/9 EC

Key Features

  • As an option with adjustable height for adapting the unit to various sizes of big bags (manually or electrically)
  • Easy operation
  • Modular construction
  • Various connection systems for the big-bag inlet
  • Optional GMP