Big Bag Emptying Units

Emptying of Jumbo bags places many requirements on technology and personnel: dust-proof docking and emptying requires operationally safe & user-friendly solutions, and flexibility. Our big bag emptying units are based on individual application requirements and can be used up to OEB class 4.

Big bag emptying units are applied to dust free discharging and metering of bulk goods from Jumbo bags. Metering from the Jumbo bags is effected for example by means of metering screws, rotary valves or metering chutes. The big bag emptying unit can also be mounted on silos, mixers etc. for free-fall discharging.

The distinguishing feature of this unit is modular construction allowing subsequent modifications or changes.

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  • Emptying of big bags
  • Modular construction
  • Available with integrated weighing system
  • Available made of various construction materials
  • Wide range of additional equipment and special executions
  • As an option conformity to ATEX acc. to regulation 94/9 EC

Key Features

  • Subsequent changing of the construction height is possible (for using larger big bags later).
  • Weighing module can be extended for negative weighing.
  • Tightening device can be modified for big bags.
  • Emptying unit can be modified for other big-bag outlets
  • Subsequent changing of manual operation to pneumatic operation of the emptying unit is possible.
  • Height adjustment of the discharging aid is possible at any time via standard boreholes in the base frame
  • Easy operation
  • Optional GMP execution