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About MTI Mixer

MTI Mixer is noted for its ability to turn customers’ wishes into individual machine concepts. With nearly 2,000 machines sold and more than 40 years of expertise and experience, they are the right partner for your company. That’s why customers call them the mixing company.

In their own R&D Center, the heart of the company, they have a wide variety of mixing machines available for customer trials. The findings gleaned from these tests form the basis for optimum customized machine design.

MTI Mixer is a competent partner not only in Europe but all over the world. With subsidiaries in North America and Asia, MTI Mixer is present on three continents. Furthermore, MTI Mixer have over 50 sales representatives for customers to contact around the world if expert advice and technical support are needed.


MTI Mixers – Highest Quality

Three factors are essential for outstanding quality and longevity of MTI mixing systems:

  • highly-qualified employees
  • the best materials
  • the latest technologies

MTI Mixer employees receive the best education, are continuously trained to increase their skills and have decades of experience. Some have worked with the company for more than 30 years, their valuable knowledge contributing significantly to the quality of MTI mixing systems.

All MTI mixers are manufactured with high precision and from high-quality materials. 15 to 36 assemblies first arise from 2,500 to 6,000 machine parts in the first assembly step. In the second step, the assemblies are mounted to customer-specific mixers and subsequently equipped with State-of-the-Art control electronics according to current European safety regulations.

The whole production takes place under constant quality control in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. Before an MTI mixer leaves the plant, it is first checked for proper function and that it meets all customer requirements.


Future-oriented Mixer Mixer Automation

The MTI Mixer control system is setting new standards for mixing and processing equipment with regard to safety, efficiency, economic benefits and reliability. Not only fulfilling, but rather exceeding the requirements has always been the motivation for innovation, which inspires MTI Mixer to highest performance. Out of this passion for the best MTI Mixer has developed the new control system.

By using one standardized control system for all customers worldwide MTI Mixer consequently continues the way of “One Global Level of Safety”. As a minimum requirement, all MTI Mixer control systems are in full compliance with the European Machinery Directive2006/42/EG and if requested extended by national requirements. State of the Art-Technology is not only developed by MTI Mixer it is the solid base of every day’s work.

All MTI Mixer controls are programmed with the SIEMENS Totally Integrated Automation (TIA-Portal). This clear system structure allows the optimum integration of all different control components in one uniform system environment. With this strategy MTI Mixer sets standards again for the entire industry.

  • Fully complies with the standards of the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG
  • Safe and reliable operation by integrated fault management and guided operator support
  • Your reliable partner for a smooth production flow in manual and automatic operation mode
  • Modular design with strategy, reduction of components variety and optimized spare part inventory
  • Modern and reliable system architecture with Profi Net / Profi Safe
  • Fast and simple installation and start up by “Plug & Mix”
  • Integrated fault management
  • Worldwide spare part supply through our partners
  • Integrated remote service


Reconstruction of Vessels & Tools of All Makes

MTI Retro tec is the answer to the growing worldwide demand for replacement mixing vessels and tools for heating/cooling mixer combinations, vertical mixers and horizontal cooling mixers of all makes.The MTI Retro tec system has made it possible for the first time to record and register data for such parts on site – quickly and inexpensively.

  • high-quality and economical
  • much extended service life – thanks to product-specific material selection
  • use of existing add-on parts
  • outstanding price-performance ratio
  • component optimization and use of additional components, e.g. MTI aspiration system, lance for liquids addition, etc. …
  • one-time on site measurement is sufficient for all subsequent replacements


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