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About ISL

ISL was incorporated in the United Kingdom by Mr. Ivan Semenenko in the year 2000. Prior to ISL, he was the original inventor of the ‘Cone Valve’ technology. Asia saw a rapid growth of industrialisation in the early 2000. Taking advantage of this, ISL Asia Technologies Pte. Ltd was incorporated in 2002. Since its humble beginning in the year 2002, ISL Asia Technologies serves customers worldwide.

In process-based industries, some of the raw materials come in powdered or granular form. These raw materials come in various types of packaging. ISL manufactures Intermediate Bulk Container Systems (IBC) for storage, transfer and discharge of powders.


Key Features


ISL’s ‘Cone Valve’ has an integrated system which promotes and controls product flow. Other container systems: Use discharge valves such as butterfly valves and slide-gate valves that does not promote flow ability.


When the Cone Valve is lifted for discharging the product or blended material, there is systematic discharge of materials to avoid Segregation. Other container systems: When blended materials are stored, segregation is the main problem during discharge.


ISL IBC’s when placed on the discharge station, the ceiling mechanism provides a good level of dust containment. ISL also provides high level of containment systems for critical powders for pharma and speciality chemicals.


When ISL IBC system is placed  on the discharge station, no further manual intervention is required. Other containment systems: Some level of manual integration is required.


Role of IBCs

  • Lean Manufacturing

When introduced in any manufacturing process, an IBC system provides a systematic approach to the identification and elimination of all kinds of waste. It is also another form of Just-in-time manufacturing.

  • Batch Accountability

As each IBC has a fixed volume of material it can hold, it gives an accurate information on Batch Accountability.

  • Flexible Manufacturing

An IBC system is not a fixed and rigid system. Since the IBCs are mobile in the manufacturing process, it is a flexible form of manufacturing option.

  • Lower Downtime

In manufacturing industry, most companies require equipment to be cleaned. IBC systems can be cleaned off place, thus significantly reducing downtime cleaning.

  • Expandable System

If the business grows, more IBCs and discharge stations can be installed in the manufacturing process, without the need to discard the old system.


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