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The production programme comprises thousands of types of woven wire cloth, of which more than 3,600 are kept in stock. Many patents, registered designs and brand names are evidence of the current and on-going development of their product range.

They aim to exceed customers’ expectations with a consistently high product quality, and hence strengthen leadership in the market.

Haver &Boecker’s technical woven wire cloth is used for screening and filtration purposes by many industries: chemical, plastic, automobile, aeronautic, aerospace, electronic, industrial screening (mining and quarrying), test sieving, food and many others.

Besides its technical qualities, their woven wire cloth has a high aesthetic value. Hence many architects and designers have become interested in using woven wire cloth products, especially since the 1990s.


Screen Section for all Types of Vibrating Screens

We manufacture Industrial Wire Screens for all types of Vibrating Screens.The great variety of available Vibrating Screens necessitates “tailor-made” Screen Sections: hook strips, notches, overlaps, reinforced sides, integrated polyurethene strips and many other special requirements, all of which we are able to supply.


Standard hook strip


Double fold hook strip for end tensioning.
Silicon- or rubber lip sealing optional.


Edge folded 180° with eyelets.


Edge reinforced with PUR-foil.
Eyelets optional


Multilayer screen sections reinforced with PUR-foil


Exciting Mesh. Ultrasonic Screening Systems

HAVER & BOECKER, a leading manufacturer of high-precision wire cloth and screens and ARTECH Ultrasonic Systems AG, a subsidiary of Crest-Holding and specialist in ultrasound technology, are collaborating to provide custom-made ultrasonic screening systems with frequency variation.



Self-cleaning screen sections have been a well-established screen media for several years, in particular when processing difficult-to-screen bulk goods.

With FLEX-MAT 3 by our partner company Major Wire, Haver &Boecker is now offering a new generation of self-cleaning screen media which ensures another significant improvement of the selfcleaning effect. Contrary to the existing products, the horizontally crimped warp wires are not fixed by cross wires but exclusively by recyclable polyurethane strips. The distinctive lime green strips permit each wire to vibrate individually over its entire length, for even more efficient prevention of clogging, blinding and pegging. In addition to the high flexibility of the wires, the smooth screen surface helps to significantly increase the wear life compared to that of traditional wire screen sections.


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