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About Gnuess

With more than 30 years of experience and over 60 international patents, the family-owned and operated company Gneuss has made a name for itself as a supplier of innovative solutions for the plastics processing industry.

Based in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, Gneuss is committed to the expectations of products “made in Germany” while serving its customers worldwide. With its daughter company in the USA, offices in Brazil and China, a cooperation partner in Japan and together with representatives worldwide, Gneuss is present throughout the world. The best possible technical support, excellent service and spare parts availability is provided on all five continents. Support is available around the clock via a telephone service hotline. Pilot lines for trials and development work are available at several locations.

Gneuss’ company philosophy is to work together with you, based on confidence and personal relationships. They are dedicated to providing competent advice and to supporting you with the best know-how and the most modern technology, and to always offer you an optimum filtration solution.


Processing Technology

Gneuss’ MRS Multi Rotation System offers new possibilities in the venting or devolatilization of polymer melts.


Filtration Technology

The patented Rotary Filtration Systems enable fully automatic, process and pressure constant filtration.


Measurement Technology

Gneuss Melt Pressure and Temperature Sensors are characterized by their extremely high precision, combined with a high degree of robustness.


Polyester Technology

Gneuss ‘unique technologies are being used worldwide for many years now and they are particularly well established in polyester processing applications.


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