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About Fox Valve

Fox is a global leader in the design and manufacture of engineered venturi products for industrial, aerospace, and other applications. They are a privately owned small business founded in 1961.

Fox Valve manufactures venturieductors, ejectors, and venturi flow controls for industry, including solids-conveying eductors, air ejectors, steam ejectors, liquid eductors, and multi-stage vacuum systems. Fox has supplied these products to industry, aerospace, and research since 1961.


Solids Conveying Eductors

Venturieductors for use in transporting powders, pellets, and bulk solids, typically using motive pressures under 14 psig. Fox provides complete venturi transport systems, including blowers, valves, receivers, etc.


Fox VenturiEductors – What are they?

Fox VenturiEductors convert the output of a blower into suction that can be used to entrain and feed powders, pellets, and bulk solids into a pneumatic conveying system. Because they have no moving parts, they can operate almost entirely maintenance-free. The eductor acts to compress the air/solids mixture to a pressure adequate to overcome losses in the downstream convey line.


How are they used in pneumatic conveying systems?

Fox VenturiEductors are used to feed bulk solids, such as powders, pellets, flakes, and particulates, into positive, dilute-phase conveying systems. They are commonly used in place of rotary valves where airlocks simply cannot perform adequately.


Eliminating the rotary airlock, left, with a venturieductor, right, permits product feed with no moving parts for maintenance-free conveying


Why are eductors used in pneumatic conveying systems?

  • Fox VenturiEductors have No Moving Parts – allowing for maintenance-free feeding of bulk solids. In applications involving fine, abrasive, or irregularly-shaped products, this is an enormous advantage. Replacement of existing rotary airlocks with venturieductors makes for simpler, more reliable conveying systems. Designing with eductors from the beginning ensures the most reliable product feeding available.
  • No Blowback – All rotary airlocks have blowback. If the product conveyed is fine or abrasive, blowback can cause extreme wear problems. Even with free-flowing products, blowback can be a problem, causing bridging and housekeeping problems, or even an explosion hazard. When installed beneath baghouses, screw conveyors, or dust collectors, airlocks can be a major source of fugitive dust emissions, which are eliminated after a retrofit to Fox eductors.
  • No mechanical shearing – Eductors minimize the shearing, smearing or degradation of product common with rotary airlocks. And, of course, safety is simply not a concern with Fox eductors.


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