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About Choice Bagging Equipment

Choice Bagging Equipment, Ltd, bag packaging systems has been the family business since year 1978. From the outset, the overarching passion of CBE was to provide unparalleled solutions and products for flexible packaging which surpassed customer expectations through constantly renewing and enhancing the understanding of the needs of customers and introducing time-tested, common sense solutions with an established technologies.

As CBE, Ltd. began to operates this company from an over 20,000 square foot facility with thousands of packaging systems installed and operating in installations throughout the world.  We’ve been manufacturing, re-building and repairing bagging equipment for over 38 years. That goes for ALL brands of bag fillers, scales, conveyors, palletizers, sealers, loaders and unloaders. 

CBE, Ltd. provides their flexible packaging equipment, systems and services for the dry powders / bulk solids industries including chemicals, construction materials, food, landscaping materials, and mineral / rock products. Whether flake, granule, or chunk; fibrous, fine powder, freely flowing or not at all; bulk density of 15 or 300 lbs./cu. ft. (250 or 5000 kg/m3); packs, plugs, cakes, fluidizes, agglomerates; breaks easily or separates; CBE has a packaging solution to meet your needs.

Valve Bag Fillers


Valve bag fillers are well suited for both manual and automated applications ranging from building products and minerals to seed and food products. Because the filling spout inserts into the opening of the bag, the product flow is totally enclosed during the filling process controlling potential spillage and dust emissions. There are four basic types of valve bag fillers: air, auger, impeller and gravity-fed.

Valve bagging machines from CBE are capable of filling 20-110 lbs (9-50KG) valve bags with flaked, powdery and/or granular products at rates of up to 24 bags/minute (1,440 bags / hour).


Open Mouth Bag Fillers

Open mouth bag fillers are very simple, fast filling and easy filling of both food grade and non-food grade materials. Ideal for hard to handle materials or products that are dry, free flowing and minimally dusty ranging from landscaping materials, feed, seed & fertilizer to food products.

CBE’s open mouth bagging machines are capable of filling 20-110 lbs. (9-50KG) bags with non-dusty powders, flaked and granular products at rates up to 24 bags/minute (1,440 bags / hour).


Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk bag fillers are a very efficient, fast filling and economical method of packaging both agricultural and industrial materials. Primarily designed for agricultural and industrial usage, bulk bags are commonly used to package materials like fertilizer, food grains, seeds, flour, sugar, salt, animal feed, industrial minerals and industrial chemicals.

CBE’s  bulk bag fillers are capable of filling 500-4,400 lbs (225-2,000KG) bags with non-dusty powders, flaked and granular products at rates up to 25 bags / hour.


Bulk Bag Unloader

Heavy Duty Bulk Bag Unloading System Designed to Discharge & Condition 1,000-4,400 lbs Bulk Bags with Free Flowing Powders, Granular & Pelleted Materials into Downstream Processes or Bag Filling Equipment.


Bag Sewing

Offers a wide variety of industrial portable bag sewers, sewing heads and pedestal mounted sewing heads. Bag sewers are ideal for low volume (4-8 bags/minute) applications or where a fixed sewing head is not suitable.

Mounted on pedestals or on bagging conveyors fixed, large, sewing heads are used in high volume (6-20 bags/minute) bag closing applications. Plain sew and crepe tape models are offered in dual thread configurations.


Bag Sealing

Offers a variety of industrial bag sealers for paper and plastic bags.

  • Paper Bag Sealers

Designed to seal “pinch bottom” multi-wall paper bags which are a style of open mouth bag with a pre-glued flap (typically what the end-user views as the bottom end of the bag).

  • Plastic Bag Sealers

Used in applications where a poly based bag needs to be hermetically sealed. We offer a full line innovative sealing systems that include both hot air and rotary band sealers to close plastic bags such as PE, PP, Tyvek, Polymylar, foil & Nylon bags. For flat / pillow style bags we recommend our hot air sealers while band sealers are the preferred choice for gusseted bags.


Bag Handling Conveyors

Manufacture multiple types of bag handling conveyors including: bag transfer conveyors, incline/transport conveyors, bag flattening conveyors, bag turner conveyors, bag kickers, bag closing conveyors, v-through conveyors and bag discharge assemblies.



CBE, Ltd. will provide unfaltering customer service by producing dependable, quality equipment, parts and service along with superior levels of performance and reliability. Our service technicians are more than just good mechanics. They have expert knowledge about things like product density, bag sizing and machine features effect bag weight accuracy. Our senior technicians can also help diagnose problems that have no apparent electrical, pneumatic or mechanical cause. 


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