About MPI

Based on Metro-Detroit Michigan, U.S., MPI designs, manufactures and services magnet, material handling and electronic inspection systems. MPI products are designed to be complete metal and foreign contamination control, and material handling solutions. MPI leads the industry by continuously engineering incentive magnetic equipment and advancing customer education.

Going forward, MPI will continue its tradition of advancing product performance and expanding its line of metal control systems and material handling equipment solutions. By interacting closely with its customers and focusing on a market-driven product line, MPI has positioned itself to readily meet the challenges of today’s dynamic global economy.  

MPI provide products & services which include:

  1. Magnetic Separation
  2. Conveying Equipment
  3. Metal Sorting Systems
  4. Automation & Workholding
  5. Electronic Inspection
  6. Testing, Accessories & Replacement Parts

Magnetic Separation

A magnetic separator uses magnets to capture and retain ferrous contaminants from the flowing material stream during processing. The magnets attract and hold contaminants passing over or near the separator. The captured contaminants then accumulate on the separator. The contaminants are then cleaned off either manually or automatically.

Many factors influence magnetic separator selection. These include:

  • The size of the contaminants you are trying to capture
  • Your material’s characteristics such as bulk density and abrasiveness
  • The specifics of your process such as the material flow rate and temperature

Gravity Magnetic

Pneumatic Magnetic Separators

Liquid Magnetic Separators

Magnetic Filtration Separators

Conveying Equipment
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About Bürkle

Bürkle develops, manufactures and distributes samplers, sampling systems and accessories for samplers, filling machines, drum pumps and submersible pumps for aggressive and dangerous liquids such as acids, alkalis and solvents, as well as a variety of lab equipment and apparatus made of plastic.

There are 4 categories of the products:

  1. Pump
  2. Sampler
  3. Containers
  4. Industrial & Laboratory Equipment



Barrel pumps, hand pumps, laboratory pumps, acid pumps, solvent pumps, barrel pumps made of stainless steel, barrel pumps made of plastic, pumps to draw off and empty large containers, barrels and tubs.


Barrel Pumps

Jerrycans with Stopcock

Container Pumps, Hand Pumps

Dosage pumps

Electric Pumps

Other Pumps

Pump Accessories



Various samplers for flawless sampling with comprehensive accessories. Europe’s most extensive programme of professional sampling systems for all applications.


Bulk Good Samplers

Liquid Samplers

Viscous Substances Samplers

Disposable & Sterile Samplers

Scoops & Shovels 

Spoons, Spatulas & Scrapers

Forceps & Tweezers

Soil Samplings

Ice & Meat Sampling

Transport of Samples

Samples Accessories





Bottles, boxes, canisters, containers, wide-necked jerrycans, compact containers, storage containers, transport containers and packing for all requirements and applications in the laboratory, in industry and in science.



Canisters & bulk Containers

Storage &Safety Containers


Packaging Bags

Container Accessories




Industrial & Laboratory Equipment

Lab equipment, laboratory apparatus, lab articles made of plastic, trays, bowls, fittings, volume measuring equipment, funnels, hose connectors, safety wear etc., everything indispensable when working in the laboratory.

Trays, Bowls, Buckets

Draining & Test Tube Racks, Cleaning

Volume Measurement, Funnels

Tubing Connectors, Valves, Coupling

Threaded Fittings & Ball Valves

Vacuum Pumps & Water-Jet Pumps

Cooling & Dry Ices

General Laboratory Equipment

Protective Equipment

Accessories for Laboratory Equipment






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Enge Plas Malaysia - Bishamon Logo


About Bishamon

Bishamon Industries Corporation was founded in year 2009 known as one of the leading producers of the most innovative ergonomic products in worldwide. Not only does their attention to detail and reliability make them the best in the industry, but their relentless willingness to be better results in goods that you can’t find elsewhere. Taking into account ergonomics, security and efficiency, Bishamon offers a wide range of items to match almost any requirement. 

Bishamon products have built reputation for being durable, powerful and designed to withstand the toughest of tasks. Our passion and attention to detail, quality of our products and consistent desire to better ourselves have resulted in us creating breakthrough products you cannot find anywhere else. Our mission is to work harder to make your life easier to deliver the most advanced, innovative technologies to the workplace while exceeding our customer’s expectations in quality, delivery and value through continuous improvement and customer interaction. 


EZ Loader from Bishamon come in three different model options:

  • EZ loader
  • EZ loader-E
  • EZ loader-SS

It has a self leveling design which automatically keeps the top of the load at a convenient working height to help eliminate bending and improve productivity. The highlight of the EZ loader are:

  • Self-Contained Pneumatic System Offers Unsurpassed Performance
  • EZ-Adjust Knob For Capacity Adjustment
  • Brake Prevents Rotator Ring From Turning
  • Oversize Rotating Platform Option

Besides that, EZ loader would avoid preventable injury or strain with a lift that will do the job for you in your workplace. The integral rotator ring helps eliminate reaching & stretching, maintenance blocks and can easily transported with a fork truck or via optional portability packages. Better than you’ve ever thought, a lift table could do. We also developed strong relationship with distributors over time, selling our equipment to people in the industries where it is most needed.


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Enge Plas Malaysia - CBE Logo

Choice Bagging Equipment

About Choice Bagging Equipment

Choice Bagging Equipment, Ltd, bag packaging systems has been the family business since year 1978. From the outset, the overarching passion of CBE was to provide unparalleled solutions and products for flexible packaging which surpassed customer expectations through constantly renewing and enhancing the understanding of the needs of customers and introducing time-tested, common sense solutions with an established technologies.

As CBE, Ltd. began to operates this company from an over 20,000 square foot facility with thousands of packaging systems installed and operating in installations throughout the world.  We’ve been manufacturing, re-building and repairing bagging equipment for over 38 years. That goes for ALL brands of bag fillers, scales, conveyors, palletizers, sealers, loaders and unloaders. 

CBE, Ltd. provides their flexible packaging equipment, systems and services for the dry powders / bulk solids industries including chemicals, construction materials, food, landscaping materials, and mineral / rock products. Whether flake, granule, or chunk; fibrous, fine powder, freely flowing or not at all; bulk density of 15 or 300 lbs./cu. ft. (250 or 5000 kg/m3); packs, plugs, cakes, fluidizes, agglomerates; breaks easily or separates; CBE has a packaging solution to meet your needs.

Valve Bag Fillers


Valve bag fillers are well suited for both manual and automated applications ranging from building products and minerals to seed and food products. Because the filling spout inserts into the opening of the bag, the product flow is totally enclosed during the filling process controlling potential spillage and dust emissions. There are four basic types of valve bag fillers: air, auger, impeller and gravity-fed.

Valve bagging machines from CBE are capable of filling 20-110 lbs (9-50KG) valve bags with flaked, powdery and/or granular products at rates of up to 24 bags/minute (1,440 bags / hour).


Open Mouth Bag Fillers

Open mouth bag fillers are very simple, fast filling and easy filling of both food grade and non-food grade materials. Ideal for hard to handle materials or products that are dry, free flowing and minimally dusty ranging from landscaping materials, feed, seed & fertilizer to food products.

CBE’s open mouth bagging machines are capable of filling 20-110 lbs. (9-50KG) bags with non-dusty powders, flaked and granular products at rates up to 24 bags/minute (1,440 bags / hour).


Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk bag fillers are a very efficient, fast filling and economical method of packaging both agricultural and industrial materials. Primarily designed for agricultural and industrial usage, bulk bags are commonly used to package materials like fertilizer, food grains, seeds, flour, sugar, salt, animal feed, industrial minerals and industrial chemicals.

CBE’s  bulk bag fillers are capable of filling 500-4,400 lbs (225-2,000KG) bags with non-dusty powders, flaked and granular products at rates up to 25 bags / hour.


Bulk Bag Unloader

Heavy Duty Bulk Bag Unloading System Designed to Discharge & Condition 1,000-4,400 lbs Bulk Bags with Free Flowing Powders, Granular & Pelleted Materials into Downstream Processes or Bag Filling Equipment.


Bag Sewing

Offers a wide variety of industrial portable bag sewers, sewing heads and pedestal mounted sewing heads. Bag sewers are ideal for low volume (4-8 bags/minute) applications or where a fixed sewing head is not suitable.

Mounted on pedestals or on bagging conveyors fixed, large, sewing heads are used in high volume (6-20 bags/minute) bag closing applications. Plain sew and crepe tape models are offered in dual thread configurations.


Bag Sealing

Offers a variety of industrial bag sealers for paper and plastic bags.

  • Paper Bag Sealers

Designed to seal “pinch bottom” multi-wall paper bags which are a style of open mouth bag with a pre-glued flap (typically what the end-user views as the bottom end of the bag).

  • Plastic Bag Sealers

Used in applications where a poly based bag needs to be hermetically sealed. We offer a full line innovative sealing systems that include both hot air and rotary band sealers to close plastic bags such as PE, PP, Tyvek, Polymylar, foil & Nylon bags. For flat / pillow style bags we recommend our hot air sealers while band sealers are the preferred choice for gusseted bags.


Bag Handling Conveyors

Manufacture multiple types of bag handling conveyors including: bag transfer conveyors, incline/transport conveyors, bag flattening conveyors, bag turner conveyors, bag kickers, bag closing conveyors, v-through conveyors and bag discharge assemblies.



CBE, Ltd. will provide unfaltering customer service by producing dependable, quality equipment, parts and service along with superior levels of performance and reliability. Our service technicians are more than just good mechanics. They have expert knowledge about things like product density, bag sizing and machine features effect bag weight accuracy. Our senior technicians can also help diagnose problems that have no apparent electrical, pneumatic or mechanical cause. 


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Enge Plas - BM Silo Logo

BM Silo

About BM Silo

BM Silo’s well-known “Modular silo” was first launched in the 1970s, and despite its many variants today, the same principle continues as the basis of products to this very day. They have exported silos since 1972. The “Kit-form” packaging means that the silos are ideally suited for export and some 80% of turnover is exported.

The knowledge gained through world-wide dealer network is used to develop, enhance and expand the product range. The production premises, located in a previous farm building, appear up-to-date and appealing with the latest equipment in CNC machinery and LEAN production.JUST-IN-TIME production allows BM Silo to provide extreme flexibility in terms of delivery times and product mixes.

BM Silo has some 35 employees of which many have been with us for a number of years but they also accept social responsibility as we usually employ unemployed and unskilled employees. Their employees are always willing to seek in-service training to gain new knowledge so they can produce as efficiently as possible and maintain production at the address in Tvis.

This ensures the basis of a well-documented quality product at competitive prices throughout the world.


Modular Silo
BM Modular silo is a square or rectangular modular built silo designed for storing dry materials. For decades, this silo has been renowned for its very high quality and manufacturing precision.


BM Agrosilo is the “kid brother” of the Modular silo renowned for its superior quality for decades.The silo itself remains unchanged, but the optimised leg structure and the bottom cone without partition wall offer two obvious advantages – lower cost and shorter assembly time.


Mineral Silo
Mineral Silo is a square, modular silo designed for the storage of dry minerals. For decades, the silos have been known for their very high quality.


Outdoor Modular Silo
Outdoor Modular silo is a square, modular built silo for storage of dry materials. All of the silo’s side panels have external flanges with downfolded edges that seals the horizontal joints. The flanges and the heavy duty rubber filler strips ensure that the silo is completely sealed.The silo is dimensioned for a basic wind speed of Vb = 27 m/s in terrain category II, and a snow load of Sk = 0,9kN/m².


Round Steel Silo
Round steel silo is made of aluzinc plates which are high quality plates that combine the best properties of aluminium and zinc. Tests show that this type of plate has a considerably longer service life than galvanised plate.Delivered fully assembled from the factory or unassembled for export.


Outdoor Wooden Pellet Silo
Outdoor wood pellet silo is a square, modular silo designed for the storage of dry materials. All side plates of the silo have exterior flanges with bent-down edges which close the horizontal joint. With the enclosed sealant, this ensures thatthe silo can be made perfectly tight.


Mobile Hopper
Mobile Hopper has been developed specifically to store granulate in the plastics industry.With the wheels, moving the materials in production as required is easy.


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Enge Plas - Vortex Logo


About Vortex

Vortex® is considered the world leader in valves for handling dry bulk solids. Sitting on a 15-acre campus in Salina, KS, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and office complex spans over 150,000 square feet. Their current footprint allows them to introduce lean manufacturing methods supported by advanced fabrication equipment and laser cutting technology.

As Vortex began to expand and modernize, they were also stretching footprint into new global markets. They have sold valve solutions in over 75 countries worldwide with local representatives in 30-plus countries. Along with their corporate headquarters located in Salina, KS, they have global offices in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Latin America, and Asia.

It all began in the 1980s when the company was awarded a patent on the Orifice Gate™. This new and innovative valve design surpassed the industry’s expectations for handling dry materials in pneumatic conveying. Soon following the Orifice Gate came the launch of the Wye Line Diverter™. This diverter valve applied the same design concepts of the Orifice Gate dramatically improving process efficiencies when compared to traditional flapper or tunnel style diverters.


Vortex Quantum Series slide gates and diverters are the valves our customers have been using for decades to shut off, meter, and divert their dry bulk material. It’s our traditional line of valves for dry bulk processing and conveying through gravity flow or pneumatic (pressure or vacuum) conveying.

Some of the industries that use Quantum valves include but not limited to: agriculture, chemical, coffee, dairy, foods, milling, pet food, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plastics, rubber, textiles, tobacco, and wood – to name a few.


TITAN Series

Vortex Titan Series slide gates and diverters are engineered for HEAVY-DUTY material handling applications.  These applications include materials that pose excessive abrasion or wear issues, situations that call for extremely large-sized valves and diverters, and conditions that warrant additional considerations that will allow these valves to be as successful as possible in extremely harsh environments.

Some of the materials handled with Vortex Titan valves include but not limited to: alumina, bauxite, cement, clinker, coal, fly ash, frac sand, gravel, glass cullet, lime/limestone, metal powders, potash, rock and sand – to name a few.



Loading Solutions offer a complete line of telescopic loading chute systems for the loading process. We also custom engineer any loading spout system to meet the most demanding loadout application requirements, including corrosive or hazardous materials, long distances, low and high temperatures, etc. Vortex fully assembles, factory tests and packages every loading spout system before shipping it to the facility to provide ease of installation and to ensure optimal performance once in use.

Some of the materials handled with Vortex Loading Solutions include but not limited to: petrochemical powders, plastic granules, wood pellets, cement, grains, sand, gravel, or coal. – to name a few. And can be used in open, semi-enclosed and closed vessels: trucks, railroad cars, tankers, ships, barges, and open-stockpiling.


Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions for handling dry bulk material have always been a part of Vortex. Our application engineers listen to the customer’s needs and match the right valve to the application parameters. Material characteristics, environment, and valve requirements all must be considered to properly modify the valve to fit the application.

Because the combinations are nearly endless, a commodity valve or off the shelf valve will not be enough. Vortex offers literally millions of variations of slide gates and diverter valves to meet almost any dry bulk processing application. We can sometimes take one of our standard valves and make some minor modifications to fit the customer’s application. Other times the only thing left standard on the valve is the famous black and silver Vortex sticker.


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Enge Plas - Volkmann Logo


About Volkmann

Volkmann GmbH is based in Soest in Westphalia and was founded in 1973 by Jürgen and Ingrid Volkmann as a consulting company for production automation. The company started in the early years with applications within vacuum technology. Own ideas and developments such as the patented „Säuferbalken“® (combined vacuum stripping process for drying belt surfaces and for liquid recovery in mills) and the patented Multijector® (special construction form of a multi-stage ejector vacuum pump operated by compressed air) made the company a partner driven by ideas and application technologies for customers from widespread branches of industry.

Thilo Volkmann now heads the company since 1991 and is the second generation. Today, Volkmann is a specialist in the transport and handling of bulk materials. In particular, Volkmann offers customers from the Chemical, Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Industry class leading standards as well as individually planned and produced systems for the safe, hygienic and user-friendly handling of powders and bulk materials. Thanks to a professional and creative team, Volkmann consistently produces new and better solutions for itself and its customers which can be manufactured with the company’s modern machinery and lean manufacturing principles Today,  Volkmann employs nearly 100 employees and operates subsidiaries in Great Britain, France and the USA. Volkmann is internationally present in many countries with local agencies.


Vacuum Conveyors

Make all powder handling in production processes safe and reliable, make the work of your production staff easier and improve the conditions at the workplace. Choose Vacuum Conveying systems from Volkmann.

  • user friendly systems with safe material transfer
  • easy material aspiration and dust-free loading of machines
  • gentle dense phase conveying, no segregation of material mixtures
  • optimum hygiene conditions
  • reliable filter systems in GMP quality
  • simple to install and to operate
  • low energy consumption
  • favorable investment- and operating costs

The different modular families of Vacuum Conveyors for the Chemical-, Pharma- and Food-Industry allow customized modifications of all conveyors regarding the individual application. Even critical materials can be conveyed safely and adapted conveyors can be used for hazardous applications like inside explosion areas or with highly toxic materials.

The modular design allows quick delivery times for complete conveyors (1-2 weeks for Food-/Chemical-Conveyors, 3-4 weeks for Pharma Conveyors, 4-8 weeks for highly customized systems).

Typical conveying capacities: 100 kg/h up to 3.5 t/h (max. 12 t/h)

Typical conveying distance: 15 m far and 10 m high (max realized 100 m far + 40 m height)


Product Loading Stations

Discharge products such as powder, dust and granulated material directly from barrels, drums, bags, special bins and containers, even with plastic liners. Combine these units with process control systems and integrate remote controls or monitoring systems. All levels, alarms and error messages as well as other required information can be transmitted by an interface for evaluation and monitoring.

Ask us for our solutions on how to pick up and convey the materials within your production process, e.g. for emptying bags and special bins, Big-Bags, Silos etc. Utilize Volkmann’s experience in powder handling.

Your benefits:

  • Dust-free material handling
  • Product aspiration and loading with full control
  • Avoid the difficult manual handling of all sorts of bulk materials packed in drums/containers
  • Reduce health risks in the workplace
  • Protect the environment from hazardous materials
  • Increase the quality of your final products and the working environment


Stationary & Mobile Hoists

The handling and positioning of a vacuum conveyor above a container, bin or production machine can be made easier by use of a stationary or mobile hoist. Volkmann hoists are lightweight and easy manoeuvrable.

Solutions and benefits:

  • One Vacuum Conveyor to feed into different systems
  • Quick, comfortable and hygienic operation and handling
  • pneumatic, electric or manual operation
  • hygienic versions (pharma design)
  • customized connections and docking solutions available
  • designed and manufactured from Volkmann in Germany


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Enge Plas - Schrage Logo


About Schrage

Schrage Conveying Systems is your specialist for tube chain conveyors – worldwide.

For more than two decades, they have been planning and implementing conveyor systems for various bulk solidsand many industries – individually suited to your needs. Their tube chain conveyor also reliably transports your bulk material from A to B.

There is only one thing on everyone’s mind: how to go up in the world. We are slightly different in that we can also go sideways and diagonally. It is all very simple: you need to convey bulk materials from A to B and Schrage has the corresponding tube chain conveyor technology for that purpose.

As a complete conveyor system, it is modular with a flexible layout for a large variety of industries and bulk materials, along with interesting additional components to meet different desires. Thisis all planned by highly specialized staff members who all have a passion for the new challenges that the handling of bulk materials poses. And the in-house test conveyor is looking forward to receiving your samples.

Schrage’s philosophy is equally straightforward.  If you tell them what bulk material you would like to convey, they will provide the appropriate solution. For more than 20 years, Schrage, a family business, has been using its expertise, experience, and curiosity to deliver solutions to where they are needed – directly to you.


Tube Chain Conveyor: One System – Endless Combinations

The idea is simple. Schrage plans your conveyor according to a modular principle. Moreover, your system can be tailored made, material properties, and speed to correspond perfectly with your bulk material.

That is why they can offer you the ideal bulk handling system – their chain conveyor in five different sizes, along with many fascinating and self-developed additional components: Brush or knocking units for cleaning the chains and for discharging, special slider and flap systems for an optimum residual discharge in the discharge unit. Or how about a tube chain conveyor as a heat exchanger?


Horizontal, Vertical or Upright:Tube Chain Conveyors are real Quick-change Artists

You can take Schrage’s motto “We Convey Solutions” quite literally. Because the Schrage tube chain conveyers are so flexible that they can be employed in a nearly infinite number of variations.

Due to their compact dimensions, low maintenance, ease of use, and astonishingly low energy consumption, the Schrage chain conveyers have rightfully become extremely popular. And we would be pleased to help you choose your ideal variation.


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Enge Plas - Purge X


About PurgeX

PurgeX® is a mechanical purging agent that enables the safe, effective and efficient cleaning of plastics processing equipment.

  • Metal surfaces are cleaned using a unique scrubbing effect. The material is not abrasive to screw, barrel, die etc.
  • Particularly useful when changing colour, polymer, or when screw and barrel are carbonized. Enables rapid purging of the previous colour and/or polymer, so that machine downtime and loss of expensive polymer is minimized.
  • Suitable for injection moulding, extrusion and blow moulding processes.
  • Cost effective, as only a small amount is required, usually at 20% add rate to the polymer.


How PurgeX® works

PurgeX® is a granular material that is blended in with a small amount of the polymer that you are using and fed into a starved screw/barrel.

The blended material is processed through your equipment at similar temperatures and revs to typical run conditions for the carrier polymer.

The PurgeX® material softens slightly, but does not melt, and thoroughly loosens carbonized and degraded resin, allowing the polymer to flush out the system.

This makes it particularly useful for:

  • Cleaning colour from your equipment
  • Cleaning polymer from your equipment
  • Removing carbon build-up and black specks
  • Regular preventative maintenance
  • Before manual cleaning


PurgeX® grades

  • PurgeX® T for injection moulding (except where openings are less than 1.5mm)
  • PurgeX® S for extrusion, blow moulding, and injection moulding with openings less than 1.5mm
  • PurgeX® R for hot runner systems with a minimum clearance of 0.75mm


PurgeX® A (acrylic) grade

PurgeX® A is cell cast acrylic in granular form. As distinct from the T, S and R grades, PurgeX®A grade is typically used in unblended form (i.e. at 100%) in extrusion and compounding processes.

PurgeX® A provides a gentle scrubbing effect to the screw and barrel and removes build up of carbonised material.

PurgeX® A softens but does not melt, therefore it provides a scrubbing effect – it does not scratch or wear the screw or barrel.

Suggested purging procedure:

  1. Adjust temperature if necessary. Suggested temperature range for purging is 240-260°C.
  2. Starve screw and barrel of current material.
  3. Add PurgeX® A in slow, continuous manner into hopper.
  4. Flush out PurgeX® A with next material to be processed.

Nozzles, dies and screen packs should be removed during purging to avoid blockages unless opening is large enough to allow acrylic particles to pass through in softened form (approx 2.0-2.5mm).


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Enge Plas - Pulsotronic Logo


About Pulsotronic Anlagentechnik

Pulsotronic-Anlagentechnik GmbH has its registered offices in the Chemnitz-Zwickau business area of Niederdorf/Stollberg. Because of the permanent, positive development of the business, a new complex of buildings was erected in 2007 directly on the A72. The structural facts, latest production equipment and a motivated work force permit a top-flight degree of innovation and flexibility.

Pulsotronic develops, produces and sells metal detectors, separators and custom equipment based on many years of experience in the plastics and recycling industry. Further innovative products were successfully introduced in the food industry and in other branches of industry.

The products distinguish themselves through their high reliability, sensitivity and user-friendliness. A team of engineers permanently works on improvements and customer-specific solutions. The development and production of all the products and custom systems occurs completely at the site in Niederdorf. Thus, it is possible for them to try out new processes and principles and to put them into practice as quickly as possible. In addition, they utilize the synergies of the Group of Companies. Pulsotronic is able to access all the areas quickly, thereby ensuring flexibility, regardless of whether this involves high efficient toolmaker’s shop, plastic transfer moulding, electronic fabrication or EMC laboratory.

Quality assurance and environmental protection are central components of Management. Pulsotronic-Anlagentechnik has been ISO 9001-2008 certified. The initial certification of the Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001:2005 took place in 2007. Pulsotronic-Anlagentechnik supports all aspects of the “ZVEI-Code of Conduct for social responsibility”.

Extensive technical knowledge and outstanding on-site service belong to the basic prerequisites for a successful machinery and systems business. They are pleased to tackle your tasks, while remaining loyal to the motto: “Pulsotronic – complex solutions from one source”


Metal detectors for conveyor belts, chutes and roll goods

Series BD            

  • high level of detection since the magnetic field surrounds the products
  • stainless steel housing with long-time stable and water-tight encapsulation
  • available in various detector sizes, adapted for the product
  • fulfills all the requirements in effect currently for AUDITS according to HACCP / IIFS
  • hygienic design

Series TU

  • dividable stainless steel housing
  • stainless steel housing with long-time stable and water-tight encapsulation
  • available in various detector sizes, adapted for the product
  • easy integration, since housing is dividable

Series SP / AR   

  • easily integrated in conveyor belts, since it can be installed flush
  • long-term stable, fully encapsulated in extremely stable metal housing
  • belt stop or reverse motion operation available using reversing contactor circuitry
  • external control electronics with RESET/START-STOP button
  • standard detection widths to 1,200 mm
  • no metal-free zones


Metal detectors for bulk materials

Series VA

  • extremely sturdy and compact stainless steel housing
  • device-specific material throughput of up to 14,000 l/h
  • stainless steel ejection unit
  • optionally with wear-resistant product pipe
  • optionally high-temperature application

Series Y

  • extremely effective, quick-reacting pneumatic outward transfer system
  • separates metal from slow back-pressure material columns
  • device-specific material throughput of up to 5,400 l/h
  • extremely flat mounting height
  • optionally high-temperature application


Metal detectors for pipe systems

Series extraktor              

  • unique ejection system for integration in suction conveyor – the pipe system remains closed during the ejection of metal impurity!
  • easily integrated into the suction conveyor line with hose connection
  • adjustment-free separating, irrespective of material speed
  • device-specific material throughput of up to 3,300 l/h
  • optionally in wear-resistant model
  • two large inspection doors


Control units


  • four-quadrant technology
  • multi-frequency technology
  • touch screen / graphical display
  • high-precision product effect offsetting
  • unlimited product memory spaces
  • netzworking / ethernet / USB
  • comprehensive support for peripherals
  • remote diagnostics
  • display transmitted by RS485


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