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BM Silo’s well-known “Modular silo” was first launched in the 1970s, and despite its many variants today, the same principle continues as the basis of products to this very day. They have exported silos since 1972. The “Kit-form” packaging means that the silos are ideally suited for export and some 80% of turnover is exported.

The knowledge gained through world-wide dealer network is used to develop, enhance and expand the product range. The production premises, located in a previous farm building, appear up-to-date and appealing with the latest equipment in CNC machinery and LEAN production.JUST-IN-TIME production allows BM Silo to provide extreme flexibility in terms of delivery times and product mixes.

BM Silo has some 35 employees of which many have been with us for a number of years but they also accept social responsibility as we usually employ unemployed and unskilled employees. Their employees are always willing to seek in-service training to gain new knowledge so they can produce as efficiently as possible and maintain production at the address in Tvis.

This ensures the basis of a well-documented quality product at competitive prices throughout the world.


Modular Silo
BM Modular silo is a square or rectangular modular built silo designed for storing dry materials. For decades, this silo has been renowned for its very high quality and manufacturing precision.


BM Agrosilo is the “kid brother” of the Modular silo renowned for its superior quality for decades.The silo itself remains unchanged, but the optimised leg structure and the bottom cone without partition wall offer two obvious advantages – lower cost and shorter assembly time.


Mineral Silo
Mineral Silo is a square, modular silo designed for the storage of dry minerals. For decades, the silos have been known for their very high quality.


Outdoor Modular Silo
Outdoor Modular silo is a square, modular built silo for storage of dry materials. All of the silo’s side panels have external flanges with downfolded edges that seals the horizontal joints. The flanges and the heavy duty rubber filler strips ensure that the silo is completely sealed.The silo is dimensioned for a basic wind speed of Vb = 27 m/s in terrain category II, and a snow load of Sk = 0,9kN/m².


Round Steel Silo
Round steel silo is made of aluzinc plates which are high quality plates that combine the best properties of aluminium and zinc. Tests show that this type of plate has a considerably longer service life than galvanised plate.Delivered fully assembled from the factory or unassembled for export.


Outdoor Wooden Pellet Silo
Outdoor wood pellet silo is a square, modular silo designed for the storage of dry materials. All side plates of the silo have exterior flanges with bent-down edges which close the horizontal joint. With the enclosed sealant, this ensures thatthe silo can be made perfectly tight.


Mobile Hopper
Mobile Hopper has been developed specifically to store granulate in the plastics industry.With the wheels, moving the materials in production as required is easy.


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