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About Bishamon

Bishamon Industries Corporation was founded in year 2009 known as one of the leading producers of the most innovative ergonomic products in worldwide. Not only does their attention to detail and reliability make them the best in the industry, but their relentless willingness to be better results in goods that you can’t find elsewhere. Taking into account ergonomics, security and efficiency, Bishamon offers a wide range of items to match almost any requirement. 

Bishamon products have built reputation for being durable, powerful and designed to withstand the toughest of tasks. Our passion and attention to detail, quality of our products and consistent desire to better ourselves have resulted in us creating breakthrough products you cannot find anywhere else. Our mission is to work harder to make your life easier to deliver the most advanced, innovative technologies to the workplace while exceeding our customer’s expectations in quality, delivery and value through continuous improvement and customer interaction. 


EZ Loader from Bishamon come in three different model options:

  • EZ loader
  • EZ loader-E
  • EZ loader-SS

It has a self leveling design which automatically keeps the top of the load at a convenient working height to help eliminate bending and improve productivity. The highlight of the EZ loader are:

  • Self-Contained Pneumatic System Offers Unsurpassed Performance
  • EZ-Adjust Knob For Capacity Adjustment
  • Brake Prevents Rotator Ring From Turning
  • Oversize Rotating Platform Option

Besides that, EZ loader would avoid preventable injury or strain with a lift that will do the job for you in your workplace. The integral rotator ring helps eliminate reaching & stretching, maintenance blocks and can easily transported with a fork truck or via optional portability packages. Better than you’ve ever thought, a lift table could do. We also developed strong relationship with distributors over time, selling our equipment to people in the industries where it is most needed.


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