About Bishamon

Bishamon Industries Corporation was founded in year 2009 known as one of the leading producers of the most innovative ergonomic products in worldwide. Not only does their attention to detail and reliability make them the best in the industry, but their relentless willingness to be better results in goods that you can’t find elsewhere. Taking into account ergonomics, security and efficiency, Bishamon offers a wide range of items to match almost any requirement. 

Bishamon products have built reputation for being durable, powerful and designed to withstand the toughest of tasks. Our passion and attention to detail, quality of our products and consistent desire to better ourselves have resulted in us creating breakthrough products you cannot find anywhere else. Our mission is to work harder to make your life easier to deliver the most advanced, innovative technologies to the workplace while exceeding our customer’s expectations in quality, delivery and value through continuous improvement and customer interaction. 


EZ Loader from Bishamon come in three different model options:

  • EZ loader
  • EZ loader-E
  • EZ loader-SS

It has a self leveling design which automatically keeps the top of the load at a convenient working height to help eliminate bending and improve productivity. The highlight of the EZ loader are:

  • Self-Contained Pneumatic System Offers Unsurpassed Performance
  • EZ-Adjust Knob For Capacity Adjustment
  • Brake Prevents Rotator Ring From Turning
  • Oversize Rotating Platform Option

Besides that, EZ loader would avoid preventable injury or strain with a lift that will do the job for you in your workplace. The integral rotator ring helps eliminate reaching & stretching, maintenance blocks and can easily transported with a fork truck or via optional portability packages. Better than you’ve ever thought, a lift table could do. We also developed strong relationship with distributors over time, selling our equipment to people in the industries where it is most needed.


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Choice Bagging Equipment

About Choice Bagging Equipment

Choice Bagging Equipment, Ltd, bag packaging systems has been the family business since year 1978. From the outset, the overarching passion of CBE was to provide unparalleled solutions and products for flexible packaging which surpassed customer expectations through constantly renewing and enhancing the understanding of the needs of customers and introducing time-tested, common sense solutions with an established technologies.

As CBE, Ltd. began to operates this company from an over 20,000 square foot facility with thousands of packaging systems installed and operating in installations throughout the world.  We’ve been manufacturing, re-building and repairing bagging equipment for over 38 years. That goes for ALL brands of bag fillers, scales, conveyors, palletizers, sealers, loaders and unloaders. 

CBE, Ltd. provides their flexible packaging equipment, systems and services for the dry powders / bulk solids industries including chemicals, construction materials, food, landscaping materials, and mineral / rock products. Whether flake, granule, or chunk; fibrous, fine powder, freely flowing or not at all; bulk density of 15 or 300 lbs./cu. ft. (250 or 5000 kg/m3); packs, plugs, cakes, fluidizes, agglomerates; breaks easily or separates; CBE has a packaging solution to meet your needs.

Valve Bag Fillers


Valve bag fillers are well suited for both manual and automated applications ranging from building products and minerals to seed and food products. Because the filling spout inserts into the opening of the bag, the product flow is totally enclosed during the filling process controlling potential spillage and dust emissions. There are four basic types of valve bag fillers: air, auger, impeller and gravity-fed.

Valve bagging machines from CBE are capable of filling 20-110 lbs (9-50KG) valve bags with flaked, powdery and/or granular products at rates of up to 24 bags/minute (1,440 bags / hour).


Open Mouth Bag Fillers

Open mouth bag fillers are very simple, fast filling and easy filling of both food grade and non-food grade materials. Ideal for hard to handle materials or products that are dry, free flowing and minimally dusty ranging from landscaping materials, feed, seed & fertilizer to food products.

CBE’s open mouth bagging machines are capable of filling 20-110 lbs. (9-50KG) bags with non-dusty powders, flaked and granular products at rates up to 24 bags/minute (1,440 bags / hour).


Bulk Bag Fillers

Bulk bag fillers are a very efficient, fast filling and economical method of packaging both agricultural and industrial materials. Primarily designed for agricultural and industrial usage, bulk bags are commonly used to package materials like fertilizer, food grains, seeds, flour, sugar, salt, animal feed, industrial minerals and industrial chemicals.

CBE’s  bulk bag fillers are capable of filling 500-4,400 lbs (225-2,000KG) bags with non-dusty powders, flaked and granular products at rates up to 25 bags / hour.


Bulk Bag Unloader

Heavy Duty Bulk Bag Unloading System Designed to Discharge & Condition 1,000-4,400 lbs Bulk Bags with Free Flowing Powders, Granular & Pelleted Materials into Downstream Processes or Bag Filling Equipment.


Bag Sewing

Offers a wide variety of industrial portable bag sewers, sewing heads and pedestal mounted sewing heads. Bag sewers are ideal for low volume (4-8 bags/minute) applications or where a fixed sewing head is not suitable.

Mounted on pedestals or on bagging conveyors fixed, large, sewing heads are used in high volume (6-20 bags/minute) bag closing applications. Plain sew and crepe tape models are offered in dual thread configurations.


Bag Sealing

Offers a variety of industrial bag sealers for paper and plastic bags.

  • Paper Bag Sealers

Designed to seal “pinch bottom” multi-wall paper bags which are a style of open mouth bag with a pre-glued flap (typically what the end-user views as the bottom end of the bag).

  • Plastic Bag Sealers

Used in applications where a poly based bag needs to be hermetically sealed. We offer a full line innovative sealing systems that include both hot air and rotary band sealers to close plastic bags such as PE, PP, Tyvek, Polymylar, foil & Nylon bags. For flat / pillow style bags we recommend our hot air sealers while band sealers are the preferred choice for gusseted bags.


Bag Handling Conveyors

Manufacture multiple types of bag handling conveyors including: bag transfer conveyors, incline/transport conveyors, bag flattening conveyors, bag turner conveyors, bag kickers, bag closing conveyors, v-through conveyors and bag discharge assemblies.



CBE, Ltd. will provide unfaltering customer service by producing dependable, quality equipment, parts and service along with superior levels of performance and reliability. Our service technicians are more than just good mechanics. They have expert knowledge about things like product density, bag sizing and machine features effect bag weight accuracy. Our senior technicians can also help diagnose problems that have no apparent electrical, pneumatic or mechanical cause. 


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Enge Plas Malaysia - Coperion STS 25Mc Extruder for R&D tasks as well as for production of small batch sizes

Coperion Adds New Laboratory Extruder to the STS Series

Coperion has expanded the STS series by one more extruder size – The new STS 25 Mc11extruder with a 25 mm screw diameter is designed especially for research and development tasks as well as for production of small batch sizes of 2 kg and more, achieving throughputs of up to 80 kg/h.

It boasts all the advantages of the STS Mc11 series, has a simple design, is operator-friendly and easy to clean. Its feed barrel is equipped with an exchangeable sleeve insert to facilitate cleaning. In addition the die head is in quick-release design for easy operation and accelerates product changes again. The base frame has a closed, simple to clean surface and is equipped with castors for easy movement of the extruder and fast installation. Water cooling, vacuum unit and air supply can be integrated into the base frame as an option.

For maximum efficiency and energy savings Coperion has equipped the new STS 25 Mc11 extruder with cartridge heaters for precise single zone tempering of each individual barrel.

If you like to know more about this STS 25 Mc11extruder, you can visit Coperion page or

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Enge Plas Malaysia - Vortex Grain Ship Loading Spout

Vortex Releases Ship Loading Spout for Handling Grains

Vortex new Grain Ship Loading Spout – capable of load rates over 113,510 bushels | 141,260 ftᶾ | 4,000 mᶾ of grain per hour, the Vortex Grain Ship Loading Spout is among the world’s fastest and most efficient loading solutions.

When properly applied using proprietary engineering controls (headchute, spout, dust collection, etc.), the Vortex Grain Ship Loading Spout is specifically designed for dust-free grain loading, thereby protecting the port’s nearby neighborhoods, waterways and other surrounding ecosystems from grain dust emissions into the atmosphere.

Grain Ship Loading Spout is equipped with a Discharge Filtration System for improved dust management at the point of discharge. It is specifically designed to:

(1) Displace dust-laden air from its source

(2) Separate dusts from the air

(3) Exhaust the cleaned air into the atmosphere

(4) Re-entrain the filtered dusts back down into the load.

For more details on this Vortex new grain ship loading spout , you can visit Vortex page or visit Vortex website

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K-Trade Fair 2019!

16 – 23 October 2019

Dusseldorf, Germany

Yes, you’re welcome to K Fair!

The International Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber The K Fair – is the World’s No.1 trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry. This time, The K Fair gathers the most important supplier of plastics and rubber machinery, raw and auxiliary materials and semi-finished products, technical parts and reinforced plastic products under one roof.  The highlight of this trade fair are resource and energy efficiency from the ecological and economic points of view. 

And as usual, our partners are exhibiting, and we’d like you to invite you to visit them with us!

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of booth locations of our participating partners:

Bunting Hall 10 / J47
Coperion  Hall 14 / B19
Gneuss Hall 9 / A38
Haver & Boecker Hall 12 / A32
Movacolor Hall 11 / D58
MTI Hall 9 / B22
Rapid Hall 9 / E19
Shini Hall 11 / B57
Zerma Hall 9 / D59

In the meantime, you can visit The K Fair website if you want more details on the exhibition or

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Enge Plas-Coperion K-Tron Logo

Special Promotion on Coperion K-Tron Spare Parts

Save 33% on SFT Special Offer!

Order 3 K-Tron Load Cells for the Price of 2. It’s only valid for sets of three of the following:

  • Load Cells (K-SFT-II, K-SFT-III)
  • D5 Scale Weighing Modules
  • SWB Belt Feeder Weighing Modules

Save 40% on a K-Vision Special Offer!

Trade in your old K-Vision for a new K-Vision II includes with newer capabilities:

  • Connected via Ethernet as a remote interface for visualization & control of Feeder and Line parameters
  • VNC remote monitoring
  • Email capability
  • One-touch setpoint ramping

This offer valid during July & August 2019 for a limited time only!

For more details on this, you may contact our sales representative by email or by clicking thru the button below.

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Enge Plas Malaysia - Rapid

10% RAPID Spare Parts Discount Promotion

Our distinguished partner RAPID offered a 10% discount for wear and tear components of Rapid machines. 

Wear and tear parts are:

  • Rotating knives
  • Fixed knives
  • Bolts and washers
  • Screens
  • Transmission belts
  • Flaps

This offer valid until 31st March 2019 & there is no limit to how many set of spares you want to buy.

For more details on this, you may contact our sales representative by email or by clicking thru the button below.

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Case Studies

PVC Material Weighing System

  • Plastics - Extrusion
  • Bedong, Kedah

Unload PVC

  • Plastics - Extrusion
  • Gebeng, Kuantan Pahang

Upgrading for Water Cooling Tank

  • Plastics - Extrusion
  • Prai, Penang

20ft Container Tilting Platform

  • Plastics - Woven & Non-Woven
  • Sendayan, Nilai

Technical Articles

Enge Plas - Vortex Logo

What is a Multi-Port Diverter?

  • July 10, 2019

A Multi-Port Diverter is an integrated and automated solution for diverting and/or converging dry solid materials. Depending on the application, a multi-port diverter can be designed to transport materials from a single source or several sources toward any number of destinations.

Multi-Port Diverter
Multi-Port Diverter
Enge Plas - Vortex Logo

Wye Line Diverter vs. Flex Tube Diverter: What’s The Difference?

  • April 26, 2019

The Wye Line Diverter and the Flex Tube Diverter are among Vortex’s most popular diverter valves for pneumatic conveying applications.

There are two primary factors when considering the Wye Line Diverter and the Flex Tube Diverter. Those being :

  • Concerns for material cross-contamination
  • Available space/stack-up height
Enge Plas - Vortex Logo

Standing Column vs. Flowing Column: What’s the Difference?

  • December 14, 2018

In process engineering, for every solution to a consideration, three more considerations often arise. Material conveyance and valve selection are no exception. This white paper will address the difference between a standing column of material versus a flowing column of material, as well as considerations to be made when selecting a process gate to address each.

A “standing column” describes material accumulation above and below the gate while a “flowing column” describes materials freely passing through the gate.

The primary difference is that a “standing column” describes static materials at rest, while a “flowing column” describes suspended materials in motion.

Enge Plas - Vortex Logo

What is an Air-Gravity Conveyor?

  • August 20, 2018

An air-gravity conveyor is a device for moving a variety of light-weight, fluidizable dry bulk powders. The conveyor consists of a rectangular chamber separated by an air-permeable, porous media. The media is placed along a horizontal plane to separate two chambers within the conveyor: An upper chamber to handle the material being conveyed, and a lower chamber to handle compressed air.

Air-Gravity Conveyor
Enge Plas - Vortex Logo

Techniques for Dust Management during Loadout

  • June 27, 2018

In dry bulk solid material handling operations, workers can be exposed to a plethora of hazards if proper precautionary measures are not taken to create a safe, dust-free environment. Learn on Health & Safety, Environmental issues, Vortex Loading Solutions etc.

Techniques for Dust Management During Loadout
Loading Spout
Enge Plas - Vortex Logo

Things to Consider When Diverting or Converging in Dilute Phase

  • April 30, 2018

Dilute phase conveying is described as low pressure, high velocity material movement. Oppositely, dense phase conveying is characterized as high pressure, low velocity material movement.

If material characteristics and application parameters permit, dilute phase conveying is often preferred because it can be more energy efficient and can improve process efficiencies by conveying materials at higher rates of speed. However, many considerations must be made when designing a dilute phase pneumatic conveying process.

This article will address just a few of the many considerations that must be made before selecting valves to divert or converge dry materials in dilute phase.

Things to Consider When Diverting or Converging in Dilute Phase
Dilute phase conveying
Enge Plas - Vortex Logo

Vortex Pivoting Chute Diverter Lets You Shift on the Fly

  • February 21, 2018

When the need arises to divert dry bulk material during gravity flow situations, one normally considers a typical flapper style diverter for the application. In applications where the sealing of non-abrasive, fine material is involved, the flapper is a perfect choice. There are applications and material handling situations, however, where a different style diverter might offer distinct advantages over a flapper. The Vortex Pivoting Chute Diverter embodies those advantages.

Vortex Pivoting Chute Diverter Lets You “Shift on the Fly”
Pivoting Chute Diverter
Enge Plas - Vortex Logo

Orifice Gate vs. Roller Gate: What's the Difference?

  • January 30, 2018

Since their conception decades ago, the Vortex Orifice Gate and the Vortex Roller Gate have been two of Vortexs most popular solutions for handling dry bulk solid materials. By their simplest definitions, both the Orifice Gate and the Roller Gate are slide gates. However, the application benefits for each gate can be quite different.

Enge Plas - Vortex Logo

Safeguard Technologies for Dry Bulk Material Handling

  • January 5, 2018

When designing a system for dry bulk material handling, it is important to consider all possible scenarios a slide gate may face during its life cycle  and equip it to appropriately handle those obstacles as they arise. For this reason and as a safety precaution, it is beneficial for a slide gate to be equipped with both a fail-safe air tank and a vented ball valve.

Safeguard Technologies for Dry Bulk Material Handling
Vented Ball Valves

Using Trending Capabilities to Troubleshoot Continuous Feeder Performance Problems

Tablets & Capsules

  • Oct 1, 2018

Learn how to use a loss-in-weight feeder’s trending capabilities to help determine the cause of feeder performance problems.


Controlling upstream and downstream influences on loss-in-weight feeders

Powder Bulk Engineering

  • Sep 1, 2018

Loss-in-weight (LIW) feeder performance is affected by a number of influences, both internal and external to the feeder and feeder process. Understanding the significance of these influences is critical for achieving optimal performance. This article will describe some strategies to help ensure accurate weighinhg with your LIW feeder.


Conquering the Main Wear Factors in Diverter Valves

Powder & Bulk Solids

  • March 15, 2018

A diverter valve is used to divert material from one source to different destinations in a pneumatic conveying system or a gravity pipe. Pellets, granules or fine powders passing through the diverter valve cause wear along the valve’s passage, especially with abrasive products as used in the mineral and cement industries. Examples are raw meal, lime, fly ash, bypass dust, clinker, cement, petcoke and lignite to name a few. Diverter valves that have been designed with main wear factors in mind make it possible to convey even highly abrasive powder bulk materials economically and reliably. They also enjoy a long service life and are easy to maintain.


Nut Butter Manufacturer Modernizes Plant Operations

Food Engineering

  • Jun 1, 2017

The complete material handling system provided by Coperion K-Tron includes several pneumatic transfer lines for various stages of the peanut butter process. First, raw peanuts are vacuum conveyed direct to a peanut roaster. After the peanuts are roasted, a second line transfers them under vacuum to the blancher. Once the peanuts are blanched, they are then vacuum conveyed to yet another line. There, they are metered via a Coperion K-Tron weigh belt feeder to a screw conveyor, and both sugar and salt are added to the nuts via Coperion K-Tron loss-in-weight feeders


Defining Feeder Accuracy For Continuous Processing

Processing Magazine

  • May 15, 2017

Continuous processing is a manufacturing practice that has been used in the plastics, chemical and food industries for decades. Although primarily used for liquid processing, the innovations made in dry powder feeder technologies have enabled the use of continuous dry ingredient feeding for a variety of applications.


Optimize Feeding to Make More Money in Twin-Screw Compounding

Plastics Technology

  • April 1, 2017

Every business want to increase profits. Companies can deploy many strategies to do so that can fall across various areas of the business, such as reducing inventory, negotiating lower prices from suppliers, or increasing marketing efforts, to name a few. When it comes to operations, the capital equipment is often already in place and is therefore a sunk cost. Increasing profitatbility in this case is usually depends on maximizing productivity of these assets. For twin-screw extrusion processes, this is most easily achieved by increasing throughput rate, thereby spreading operation costs over a greater amount of product produced in the same unit of time.