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About LaborSave

LaborSave was created in 2004 when Benny Cohen visited a plastic factory and saw workers manually emptying sacks of plastic pellets into a hopper. As he watched the repetitive task of lifting heavy sacks with a knife in their hands, he thought about how dangerous this is to the workers’ health. And when he saw how many pellets were strewn across the floor, he realized how completely inefficient manual sack emptying is.

Immediately upon leaving the factory, Benny began drawing a sketch for a machine that would provide an automatic solution.

At the K show in 2004, LaborSave made its debut and became an overnight sensation within the plastics industry. The technological solution coupled with the highest standards of craftsmanship was exactly what the industry needed, however it was only as time went by, that the owners of LaborSave realized the true value of the solution.

LaborSave, like the name suggests, was developed in response to the inefficient use of manpower, and was thought to help companies reduce the man hours required to open the sacks. Yet the true benefit to companies from LaborSave is the 99.99% emptying rate of the sacks content, followed by the highest standards of safety which LaborSave brings to the industry – effectively preventing untold workers injuries.

To date, LaborSave has been installed in over 400 factories across the globe, and has opened nearly 50 million tons of raw materials.


Fully Automatic Sack Opening and Emptying System

LaborSave is the first, and most efficient, fully automated sack emptying system in the world.

The key advantages include more than 99.99% emptying of raw material, immediate reduction in labor costs and contamination risks, and unparalleled safety that is backed by approval from all the world’s major standards institutes.

LaborSave incorporates the best in robotics, design and craftsmanship, and serves clients from multiple industries throughout the world.

  • 99% emptying of sack content
  • Eliminates contamination risk
  • Backed by industry’s best warranty
  • Meets and surpasses all industry standards
  • Reduces employee cost and risk of injury



We take pride in offering the most effective, (both in terms of cost and operations) automatic sack emptying system in the industry.


The most important factor in every business decision is determining the value of a deal. The return on investment for LaborSave is fast, generally reached in under six months. The combination of reduced labor costs, near complete reduction of raw material loss, 100% prevention of foreign materials from entering the hopper and a level of safety that is unmatched are what gives the LaborSave its advantage over all other sack emptying options.


LaborSave is backed by the industry’s best warranty. No other company offers such extensive coverage. However, as the LaborSave was designed to last indefinitely, it is truly a rare event that a LaborSave experiences downtime or requires a change of parts.


As the issue of employee safety continues to gain importance throughout the world, companies can literally not afford to be in a situation where employee safety is at risk. LaborSave has the highest level of safety, and is approved by all of the world’s major Standards Institutes including CE, UL, TUV and GOST. In addition, LaborSave’s factory is a state-of-the-art ISO 1009 certified facility, comprising the most advanced steelwork equipment and managed by professionals who don’t compromise on quality.


LaborSave was the first to introduce a truly automatic  sack emptying solution, and continues to lead the industry in product advancements. We take great pride in being first and are committed to providing the best to all of our clients. We have been around the longest, and will be around in the future.


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Kason Europe

About Kason Europe

Formed with the key objective of supplying solutions based equipment and systems to meet the needs of the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries, Kason Europe’s scope covers the complete package from technical specification and proving trials through to Site Acceptance Testing, handover and aftersales service. Kason Europe are BSEN ISO9001 accredited (certificate No: FM553908) and all equipment can be supplied to suit ATEX requirements and are CE marked where appropriate.

Mixing Equipment

Horizontal Mixers

The Kason mixing equipment range of standard and custom-built horizontal mixers is designed for the consistent batch and continuous blending of powder and granules with capacities ranging from 35 – 60,000 litres.

Vertical Mixers

The Kason vertical mixer is fast, accurate and versatile and is particularly suited to the mixing of free flowing, heat sensitive or fragile products.


Kason Blenders incorporate a gentle, low energy tumbling action, ideal for blending the most delicate and fragile products. They also effectively mix very heavy and abrasive products.

Processors & Reactors

Kason boasts a custom-built range of Processors and Reactors for vacuum and pressure mixing applications, based on our range of horizontal mixers with either ribbon or ploughshare agitators and the double cone blenders.

Size Reduction Processing

Kibblers (Pre-Breakers)

Kason Kibbler pre-breakers are designed to work in conjunction with other Kason mills or as stand alone coarse grinding mills in their own right. Kibblers are robustly designed for reliability in breaking down large lumps of product in preparation for further processing.

Cone Mills

Kason cone mills are gentle, low energy size reduction mills ideal for fatty, heat sensitive, sticky, moist or fragile products.They alleviate traditional milling problems of noise, dust and heat generation and are ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical applications.

Universal Mills

Kason fine grinding universal mills are designed and constructed for high performance, robustness, easy maintenance and safety in use.Designed to withstand up to 10 Bar of pressure, a range of models is available to suit a variety of process and throughput requirements from a few kgs to several tons per hour.

Air Classifier Mills

The Kason Air Classifier Mill offers fine grinding capability plus greater control over particle size distribution. Air Classifier Mill serve all industries producing fine powders where control of grinding temperature and a narrow particle size distribution is of prime importance.


Centrifugal (Rotary) Sifters

All Kason Cantilever design, Centrifugal (rotary) powder sifters comply with Essential Health and Safety Requirements relating to the design and construction of equipment intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Each rotary powder sifter in the range is certified as ATEX compliant to Zone 20 internally and Zone 21 externally.

The Cantilever design Kason Centrifugal Powder Sifter is arguably the best in the industry. It provides users with higher standards of hygiene and ease of operation and can be used on a variety of applications including classifying, policing and de-dusting.

The cantilever design is available in all but the largest machine in the range, allowing throughputs from a few kgs per hour to many tons per hour.

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J. Engelsmann

About J. Engelsmann

The successful development of J. Engelsmann AG is marked by tradition and progress. The company history goes back to the year 1873, when Jean Engelsmann started the production of millstones and mill equipment in Ludwigshafen. We look back on more than 140 successful years. Their engineers design and construct process machines and complete plants for the customers of today and the market of tomorrow. J. Engelsmann supply customers in the chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic processing and food industry as well as many companies processing bulk goods.

  1. Engelsmanndeliver high-quality products due to the use of high technology. Highly qualified skilled workers and modern fabrication methods ensure precise production and flexible acting. Research, consulting, inspections and maintenance are examples of their comprehensive customer service. The worldwide selling to different customers is guaranteed by a wide range of products, a large network of representations and sales offices as well as presence in the internet.
  2. Engelsmanncentral idea has always been:

“Offering our worldwide customers high quality, high availability and optimised service.”


Screening Technology

Engelsmann screening machines are used all over the world. The product portfolio ranges from vibration and centrifugal screening machines to long-stroke screeners. Tailored to special requirements, Engelsmann screening machines offer a high customer benefit and are very well accepted due to their efficiency, reliability and ease of operation.

Convincing energy efficiency and high separation quality (98%) as well as low noise emissions, screening machines made by Engelsmann offer all that is necessary for economic screening of bulk solids.

From classifying screeners for several fractions to online particle measurement for monitoring of the screening process – we have a suitable solution for you.

Screening technology of J. Engelsmann AG includes the areas of:

  • Vibration Screening Machines
  • Long-Stroke Screening Machines
  • Centrifugal Screening Machines
  • Crushing
  • Particle Measuring Device


Mixing Technology

Mixing technology of J. Engelsmann AG consists of:


  • Free-fall Mixers
  • Thrust and Turbulent Mixers
  • Dryers


Handling Technology

Handling technology of J. Engelsmann AG consists of:

  • Discharging Devices
  • Big-Bag Filling Units
  • JEL FlowStop
  • Big-Bag Emptying Units
  • Big-Bag Connection JEL SafeConnect
  • JEL Protect
  • Bag Emptying Units
  • Container Emptying Units
  • Lifting columns


Laboratory Technology

Laboratory technology of J. Engelsmann AG consists of:

  • Jolting Volumeter STAV-II
  • Test Screening Machine JEL 200-II
  • Laboratory Drum Hoop Mixer RRM Mini-II
  • Automatic Pigment Muller JEL 25/53-II


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About ISL

ISL was incorporated in the United Kingdom by Mr. Ivan Semenenko in the year 2000. Prior to ISL, he was the original inventor of the ‘Cone Valve’ technology. Asia saw a rapid growth of industrialisation in the early 2000. Taking advantage of this, ISL Asia Technologies Pte. Ltd was incorporated in 2002. Since its humble beginning in the year 2002, ISL Asia Technologies serves customers worldwide.

In process-based industries, some of the raw materials come in powdered or granular form. These raw materials come in various types of packaging. ISL manufactures Intermediate Bulk Container Systems (IBC) for storage, transfer and discharge of powders.


Key Features


ISL’s ‘Cone Valve’ has an integrated system which promotes and controls product flow. Other container systems: Use discharge valves such as butterfly valves and slide-gate valves that does not promote flow ability.


When the Cone Valve is lifted for discharging the product or blended material, there is systematic discharge of materials to avoid Segregation. Other container systems: When blended materials are stored, segregation is the main problem during discharge.


ISL IBC’s when placed on the discharge station, the ceiling mechanism provides a good level of dust containment. ISL also provides high level of containment systems for critical powders for pharma and speciality chemicals.


When ISL IBC system is placed  on the discharge station, no further manual intervention is required. Other containment systems: Some level of manual integration is required.


Role of IBCs

  • Lean Manufacturing

When introduced in any manufacturing process, an IBC system provides a systematic approach to the identification and elimination of all kinds of waste. It is also another form of Just-in-time manufacturing.

  • Batch Accountability

As each IBC has a fixed volume of material it can hold, it gives an accurate information on Batch Accountability.

  • Flexible Manufacturing

An IBC system is not a fixed and rigid system. Since the IBCs are mobile in the manufacturing process, it is a flexible form of manufacturing option.

  • Lower Downtime

In manufacturing industry, most companies require equipment to be cleaned. IBC systems can be cleaned off place, thus significantly reducing downtime cleaning.

  • Expandable System

If the business grows, more IBCs and discharge stations can be installed in the manufacturing process, without the need to discard the old system.


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Haver & Boecker

About Haver & Boecker

The production programme comprises thousands of types of woven wire cloth, of which more than 3,600 are kept in stock. Many patents, registered designs and brand names are evidence of the current and on-going development of their product range.

They aim to exceed customers’ expectations with a consistently high product quality, and hence strengthen leadership in the market.

Haver &Boecker’s technical woven wire cloth is used for screening and filtration purposes by many industries: chemical, plastic, automobile, aeronautic, aerospace, electronic, industrial screening (mining and quarrying), test sieving, food and many others.

Besides its technical qualities, their woven wire cloth has a high aesthetic value. Hence many architects and designers have become interested in using woven wire cloth products, especially since the 1990s.


Screen Section for all Types of Vibrating Screens

We manufacture Industrial Wire Screens for all types of Vibrating Screens.The great variety of available Vibrating Screens necessitates “tailor-made” Screen Sections: hook strips, notches, overlaps, reinforced sides, integrated polyurethene strips and many other special requirements, all of which we are able to supply.


Standard hook strip


Double fold hook strip for end tensioning.
Silicon- or rubber lip sealing optional.


Edge folded 180° with eyelets.


Edge reinforced with PUR-foil.
Eyelets optional


Multilayer screen sections reinforced with PUR-foil


Exciting Mesh. Ultrasonic Screening Systems

HAVER & BOECKER, a leading manufacturer of high-precision wire cloth and screens and ARTECH Ultrasonic Systems AG, a subsidiary of Crest-Holding and specialist in ultrasound technology, are collaborating to provide custom-made ultrasonic screening systems with frequency variation.



Self-cleaning screen sections have been a well-established screen media for several years, in particular when processing difficult-to-screen bulk goods.

With FLEX-MAT 3 by our partner company Major Wire, Haver &Boecker is now offering a new generation of self-cleaning screen media which ensures another significant improvement of the selfcleaning effect. Contrary to the existing products, the horizontally crimped warp wires are not fixed by cross wires but exclusively by recyclable polyurethane strips. The distinctive lime green strips permit each wire to vibrate individually over its entire length, for even more efficient prevention of clogging, blinding and pegging. In addition to the high flexibility of the wires, the smooth screen surface helps to significantly increase the wear life compared to that of traditional wire screen sections.


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About Gnuess

With more than 30 years of experience and over 60 international patents, the family-owned and operated company Gneuss has made a name for itself as a supplier of innovative solutions for the plastics processing industry.

Based in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany, Gneuss is committed to the expectations of products “made in Germany” while serving its customers worldwide. With its daughter company in the USA, offices in Brazil and China, a cooperation partner in Japan and together with representatives worldwide, Gneuss is present throughout the world. The best possible technical support, excellent service and spare parts availability is provided on all five continents. Support is available around the clock via a telephone service hotline. Pilot lines for trials and development work are available at several locations.

Gneuss’ company philosophy is to work together with you, based on confidence and personal relationships. They are dedicated to providing competent advice and to supporting you with the best know-how and the most modern technology, and to always offer you an optimum filtration solution.


Processing Technology

Gneuss’ MRS Multi Rotation System offers new possibilities in the venting or devolatilization of polymer melts.


Filtration Technology

The patented Rotary Filtration Systems enable fully automatic, process and pressure constant filtration.


Measurement Technology

Gneuss Melt Pressure and Temperature Sensors are characterized by their extremely high precision, combined with a high degree of robustness.


Polyester Technology

Gneuss ‘unique technologies are being used worldwide for many years now and they are particularly well established in polyester processing applications.


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Enge Plas Malaysia - Fox Valve Malaysia

Fox Valve

About Fox Valve

Fox is a global leader in the design and manufacture of engineered venturi products for industrial, aerospace, and other applications. They are a privately owned small business founded in 1961.

Fox Valve manufactures venturieductors, ejectors, and venturi flow controls for industry, including solids-conveying eductors, air ejectors, steam ejectors, liquid eductors, and multi-stage vacuum systems. Fox has supplied these products to industry, aerospace, and research since 1961.


Solids Conveying Eductors

Venturieductors for use in transporting powders, pellets, and bulk solids, typically using motive pressures under 14 psig. Fox provides complete venturi transport systems, including blowers, valves, receivers, etc.


Fox VenturiEductors – What are they?

Fox VenturiEductors convert the output of a blower into suction that can be used to entrain and feed powders, pellets, and bulk solids into a pneumatic conveying system. Because they have no moving parts, they can operate almost entirely maintenance-free. The eductor acts to compress the air/solids mixture to a pressure adequate to overcome losses in the downstream convey line.


How are they used in pneumatic conveying systems?

Fox VenturiEductors are used to feed bulk solids, such as powders, pellets, flakes, and particulates, into positive, dilute-phase conveying systems. They are commonly used in place of rotary valves where airlocks simply cannot perform adequately.


Eliminating the rotary airlock, left, with a venturieductor, right, permits product feed with no moving parts for maintenance-free conveying


Why are eductors used in pneumatic conveying systems?

  • Fox VenturiEductors have No Moving Parts – allowing for maintenance-free feeding of bulk solids. In applications involving fine, abrasive, or irregularly-shaped products, this is an enormous advantage. Replacement of existing rotary airlocks with venturieductors makes for simpler, more reliable conveying systems. Designing with eductors from the beginning ensures the most reliable product feeding available.
  • No Blowback – All rotary airlocks have blowback. If the product conveyed is fine or abrasive, blowback can cause extreme wear problems. Even with free-flowing products, blowback can be a problem, causing bridging and housekeeping problems, or even an explosion hazard. When installed beneath baghouses, screw conveyors, or dust collectors, airlocks can be a major source of fugitive dust emissions, which are eliminated after a retrofit to Fox eductors.
  • No mechanical shearing – Eductors minimize the shearing, smearing or degradation of product common with rotary airlocks. And, of course, safety is simply not a concern with Fox eductors.


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About Bunting

Bunting has always been about solving problems with magnetic energy for manufacturers for several industries. The company, headquartered in Newton, Kansas, has multiple locations including Magnet Materials Division in Elk Grove Village, Illinois; Bunting Magnetics Europe Ltd. manufacturing operation in Berkhamsted, England, Magnet Applications, Inc. facility in Dubois, Pennsylvania, purchasing office for Bunting China located in Ningbo, China and official licensee in Boronia Victoria, Australia, Alpha Magnetics Pty Ltd.

In 1979, Bunting moved their manufacturing operations from Chicago, Illinois, to Newton, Kansas. Here, they design and manufacture magnetic separation, metal detection and material handling equipment as well as a complete line of printing cylinders. With a team of engineers using world class design equipment, Bunting can customize a product to fit any application or production line.

The Newton facility is where design and manufacturing engineers work with the latest computer-aided design equipment to develop new products and to adapt existing products for special applications.
Bunting is constantly seeking new ways magnetic products can provide the industries served with more efficient production, safer product and an untarnished reputation.
Their first 50 years have been a profile in growth and innovation. Now and in the future, Bunting is striving to keep improving and build upon the legacy.


Magnetic Separation
FF Drawer
MagnetsDrawer Magnets are built with strong Rare Earth magnets for strong holding force. They are temperature compensated with stainless steel construction. For the Plastics and Recycling industries.


HF Drawer Magnets
HF Drawer Magnets are for gravity flow applications. They house two or more magnetic cartridges for efficient product separation. For all industries – Food, Grain and Milling, Powder and Bulk, Recycling, and Plastics.


Plate Magnets
Plate Magnets capture fine metal particles and chutes, suspended from powdery, moist, clumpy, abrasive or bulk materials. Various models available. For all industries including, Food, Powder & Bulk, Grain & Milling, Recycling and Plastics.


Magnetic Liquid Traps
Magnetic Liquid Traps remove ferrous tramp including 400 series stainless steel and work-hardened stainless steel from liquid processing and conveying lines. Comes in several styles of traps with High-energy, temperature compensated Neodymium Magnets. Metal Detectable gaskets are standard. For the Food and Powder and Bulk Industries.


Drum Magnet
Drum Magnet Separators come in 3 grades of Rare Earth Magnets and are self-cleaning. They provide continuous removal of ferrous contaminants from product flow.


Hump Magnets
Hump Magnets are for high-volume product flow. Offset design breaks up clumps and directs material into magnetic field. Self-cleaning model available.For all industries.


In-Line Magnets
Grate Magnets and Magnetic Cartridges are engineered to achieve balance between reach-out and holding force. Can be used in all industries.


TurboGrate™ Magnetic Separator
TurboGrate™ Magnetic Separator features a powerful motorized rotating grate magnet to remove ferrous metals from powder and granular materials. For the Food and Powder & Bulk Industries.


Wedge Magnets
Wedge Magnets are designed for narrow chutes and protect against tramp metal damage for pellet mills. Shape diverts product flow across collection surfaces. For all industries.


Torpedo Magnets
Torpedo Magnets are used in “Just-in-Time” hopper loaders. They protect plastic molding machines by capturing tramp metal before entering machine. For the Plastics Industry.


Cleaning Systems
Cleaning systems use magnetic and electronic separators to remove both ferrous and nonferrous contaminants efficiently from free-flowing virgin resins, regrind, and recycled plastics.

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About Coperion

Coperion is the worldwide market and technology leader in compounding & extrusion, materials handling and service – as well as being a partner for global corporations and small to medium-sized enterprises in the plastics, chemicals, food and aluminium industries.

As an integrated technology provider, Coperion uses their comprehensive system and process expertise to implement individual solutions for compounding technology and bulk materials handling for their customers. This covers the full added value chain of the production process from consultation and planning, through engineering, process optimization, manufacturing, delivery, installation and commissioning through their worldwide service network. Coperion collaborates with customers on innovative, new, and further developed components, machines and systems, forming the basis for long-lasting, successful partnerships where the focus is on the benefit for the customer together with efficiency, reliability, and quality. That’s what Coperion means when they say “confidence through partnership”.

Compounding & Extrusion

With Coperion you have the partner at your side who can offer you the best solution for all your compounding tasks. This begins with special applications on a laboratory scale and extends right through to industrial production plants. As a pioneer in the development of the closely intermeshing, co-rotating twin screw extruder, we possess a unique know-how and an extraordinary wealth of experience in this field.

Coperion has continuously set new standards in machine and system design for processing technology since the 1950s. More than 12,000 installed compounding systems worldwide are proof of our unique system and process competence. And despite all our engineering skills we never forgot one important thing: We listen closely to what our partners say! That’s what we mean when we say “confidence through partnership”.

Technology Research & Development
More than 130 years of experience with mixing and kneading processes Most comprehensive Test Labs in the industry in Stuttgart (D), Ramsey (USA) and Nanjing (CN)
Pioneer work and continuous further development of the closely intermeshing, co-rotating twin screw extruder Thirty compounding plants worldwide continuously available for tests
More than 12,000 installed compounding systems worldwide Experience from 5,000 compounding tests and 40,000 product analyses in our own laboratories
Complete product portfolio: from the ZSK 18 MEGAlab laboratory machine to the ZSK 380 MEGAcompounder high-capacity extruder More than 75 % of all plastic compounds worldwide were tested in the Coperion Test Labs
Throughput rates of 1 kg/h to 100 t/h More than 950 patents and pending patents since 1980
Complete systems from raw material feeding to the whole downstream equipment

Materials Handling

We prove our skill and competence at all bulk materials handling and processing stages. No matter whether we convey, separate, store, dose or thermally treat your product – quality is our benchmark.

As the world market and technology leader in the bulk materials components and systems sector, we have installed more than 8,000 plants, the success of which clearly underlines our unique system and process competence.

Materials handling around the world

8.000 bulk materials systems installed
9.000 bulk materials components produced each year
Workforce of 700
Network with companies in Weingarten (D), Offenbach (D), Ferrara (I), New Delhi (IND), Singapore (SGP), Shanghai (CN), Ramsey (USA) and Houston (USA)
Technical center in Weingarten (D)


Service means more to us than someone stopping by to repair equipment. Our service structure offers much more than that. It consists of more than 220 service engineers and technicians around the globe who not only look after your machines and systems but also after your business. They see themselves as partners who secure your future.

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